Officer Bilby

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Ah, the stories that are so close to home seem easier to beLIEve. At least they used to. Now I am certain most social change stories are completely fabricated.

So why use the police as a cover? Threefold:

  • accessing police records are difficult for the average nosy Nelly,  and getting information from a military based organization is nearly impossible due to strict command and control
  • put the fear into rank and file police that they can also be targeted for
  • ferment disdain and distrust between the public and police. This is a strategy of tension tactic.

…went searching through bush. They called in the canine unit. But it took the high-beam of a Durham Police helicopter, hovering above a Pickering field, to locate the off-duty officer on the run.

On the night of April 25, Const. David Bilby, a 34-year-old officer from Toronto’s 54 division, veered into oncoming traffic, slammed his truck into a vehicle, then fled — leaving the injured other driver and his car in a ditch, according to Durham police.

(Numerology of 7 and 9 doesn’t add up to much, but is interesting)…

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