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I remember like it like it was yesterday (ok, I’m a day late, I know, but) I’ll repost this link to the very large thread at for all you (recent) Brits that may wish to recollect over your greatest event to date.

Well, folks – it’s Occam’s Razor once again.

And once again we can prove beyond any shadow of doubt that the 0;LONDON BOMBINGS” were staged.



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  1. xileffilex

    The key player in any hoax involving fake dead is to get a medical person onside to sign off extinction of life for a person.
    One of those used at the 7/7 drill was an Irish psychiatrist called Dr Morgan Costello.

    He pops up in the Secker video, by name, and is the subject of a blog post at J7.…
    These sources accept that people died at 7.7, that’s their job to lead us away from deception. No matter.
    We learn that Costello was sent to two sites at opposite ends of central London – Edgware Road and Aldgate [!] to pronounce 13 people dead.
    At 1:11:40 onwards in the video.


    “I was very much led by the crime scene manager”

    probably meaning his signing hand was also led by the same person. “sign here, Doc” Who was the crime scene manager? DC Andrew Meneely

    At the 7/7 Inquests [Nov 3 2010], a Dr. Morgan Costello gave evidence via a videolink from Ireland.

    No suicide bombers, therefore the DNA was faked, as at 9/11. Here, we have a forensic anthorpologist [another expert needed to be onside] Dr Julie Ann Roberts who “examined the remains”
    conclusion – injuries suffered were consistent with those a suicide bomber would experience. Hmm.
    Of course there are lots of loose ends and conflicting statements, there always are with an underlying lie.

    Some interesting clips there, including one of Graham Foulkes…
    whose son, [ true. vague 9/11 style]

    David was in London on business and was due to meet a colleague. He had planned his journey meticulously with his father before leaving….a decade on, the one thing he misses most is catching up with his son over a pint….Dad Graham, from Austerlands in Oldham, has gone on to become one of the leading campaigners for victims’ families. He will be visiting David’s remains with Janet today…. sister Jill [Wood], 30, will be in London representing the family as services are held in London.

    See also the post by Terence Drew at CF…
    where Graham trots out a phone tapping story to bolster the narrative. Ah yes, we encounter the old media phone hacking psy-op once again. And the same old crummy photo.…
    with what looks like bubble wrap on his neck.
    But wait, there IS another one…which has emerged, even more fuzzy, this time with Jill, appearing in this ITV video……

    He was a newspaper sales manager from Oldham who had just started a new job in the city.

    Jill Wood at Edgware Road, 7/7.15: ‘”Crazy as it sounds, that’s where David spent the last moment of his life and it’s ten years to the exact moment and erm I guess I feel like if he’s anywhere, maybe that’s where he is, [unclear] to us”
    What of the elusive Dr Morgan Costello? The only one I can find is currently residing in Western Australia
    a newish fellow of the RANZCP.
    Dr Julie Ann Roberts’ CV may be perused online at an Edinburgh Mortonhall Crematorium Investigation pdf

    Occupation Forensic Anthropologist and Archaeologist at Cellmark Forensic Services, Chorley, Lancashire, UK…. I have also recovered, examined and reconstructed burnt fragmented bone from victims of war crimes, terrorist incidents, individual and multiple homicides in the UK where bodies have been burnt in attempts to dispose of evidence….I am registered with the College of Policing and National Crime Academy as an Expert Advisor in Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology and I am a member of the Home Office Forensic Provision Expert Panel advising UK DVI on Forensic Anthropology….

    What became of Meneely? He disappears. job done
    but back for a reunion

    1. xileffilex

      Tom Secker, in his September 2014 published book “Secrets, Spies and 7/7” gives the evidence of Dr Julie Ann Roberts at the inquest ** a dusting over. [page 116]…
      expressing surprise that she could reassemble four bodies in three days. ***
      Secker is puzzled, but his mission in any case is to promote the official narrative that people really died.

      ** page 203, February 1 2011

      As part of that forensic recovery, were you informed that an exercise was commenced by which all identifiable body parts recovered from the scenes would, through DNA profiling, be matched with the respective bodies —
      The purpose of the examination was to reconcile the fragmented remains, which had been identified as belonging to the four suspects at the time, with the main body parts so that we could look at the entire remains of each individual bomber for the specific purpose of assessing the injury patterns to look at any bones that were missing and, by doing so, to try to make inferences about the relative position of the bomber to the device, to the explosive device.

      ….a UK first, apparently. [I am in no doubt that this was a simulation or modelling exercise]

      ***“It took three days in total to reassemble the four bombers”

      She and others are key perps in putting their names to the official story.

      Where was she before 2010, where her Linkedin profile starts? In January 2014 she describes her career thus [but no indication of employer…]
      I have worked as a Biological Anthropologist and Archaeologist for approximately 19 years and I have approximately 15 years forensic casework experience, specialising in the excavation and examination of decomposed, burnt, fragmented and commingled human remains from scenes of crime.
      One early indication is found in several reference here, the earliest being
      Roberts, J. A., 1995. The taphonomy of cremated human remains: an experimental study of the fragmentation of bone from the bronze age cremation cemetery at Linga Fold, Orkney. Unpublished MSc dissertation, University of Sheffield

      February 2011 was a busy month for Roberts, because that was the date of her PhD thesis
      …. an anthropological study of the children in Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina
      who were killed as a direct result of war crimes perpetrated during the
      conflicts of the 1990s. It is based on primary forensic data collected by investigators and
      scientists on behalf of ICTY [the UN International
      Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia ]
      between the dates of 1996 and 2000

      oh oh! More modelling and simulation.
      Prominent “Forensic Anthropologist] Sue Black, seen in this video…
      has co-authored an article with Amy Mundorff, the key scientist propping up the 9/11 DNA victim identification business…
      Mundorff, A.Z., Black, S., Blau, S. and Drawdy, S.M., Kosalka, S. (2016). Disaster Victim Management – The role of the anthropologist. In: Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine, Edition 2. Eds: Payne-James, J and Byard, R. Elsevier, London. Pp281-287.

      Key work….in staging disasters.
      I’m afraid I wouldn’t trust any of these people further than I could throw them.

  2. xileffilex

    Another story which has been recently reactivated for the 10th Anniversary was the bizarre tale of Louise Gray and the frittered away and plundered compensation awards, commemorated by her successful appeal against her sentence, reduced from 32 months to 18 [I guess to be released on 7/7/16]…
    July 1 2015…
    June 26 2015

    She frittered away the cash while looking after it for her son Adam, 20, after he was awarded £55,800 following the death of his father Richard in the bombing of a tube train at Aldgate.

    Adam had claimed his mother dipped into the money after spending her own £250,000 compensation on clothes, home improvements, cars, an outdoor jacuzzi, luxury holidays and seven Chihuahuas.

    Unfortunately we still only have the fuzzy sun bed photo of husband Richard which has been knocking around since 2005

    His family said he was a “wonderful, loving father” to Adam, 11, and Ruby, seven, and an “extremely loving, caring and sensitive husband” to wife Louise.…
    which is surprising because his mother, Maureen Hodge of Somerset says:…
    “I think of Richard every single day,” she said.
    “I have his photo by the bedside and I always say hello to him when I wake up and I always kiss him good night before I go to bed.
    which must be the same old fuzzy sun bed image I guess.

    And what of new partner, Umar Shamshoom , [Homer Simpson was transliterated into Arabic as Omar Shamshoon] allegedly an Iraqi refugee who fathered a child Violet with Louise in December 2011?
    Well, he’s started up his own limited company in February 2015, which is not standard procedure for staff nurses, but never mind…
    Rula Umar Shamshoom Ltd, incorporated February 10 2015
    with him as sole director…

    Another photo of Richard with Hat and shadow turns [you wouldn’t recognise him on the sun bed from that] up here……
    July 4 2014 [always towards the anniversary…]
    where we learn that daughter Ruby will acquire GBP100K next year.

    Finally, in 2011, Louise sold the house and moved to West Sussex.
    Louise’s on-off relationship with Umar continued and in December 2011 they became parents to a daughter, Violet, before moving back to Ipswich in 2012.

    Louise also received a lump sum from her husband’s life insurance policy, which settled the mortgage on the family home, and, says Adam, thousands of pounds in grants from the London Bombing Relief Charitable Fund.

    Two years later the compensation amounts were settled at £250,000 for Louise, as well as £50,000 for Adam and £100,000 for Ruby (who, as the younger child, would suffer her father’s loss for longer). The children’s money was placed in trust in a Bank of Scotland account, to be handed to them on their 18th birthdays.

    Stand by for the next gripping instalment in 2016 when Louise is released from jail and Ruby gets her money!

  3. xileffilex

    There is some recent cross referencing at CF by Antipodean and Critical Mass…


    The [No 30] bus bore an advertising poster for The Descent, a horror film about a caving expedition which went disastrously wrong.
    It was this advert that made it easier for the Met Police team reconstructing the journey to track the bus’s final movements before Hussain detonated his bomb.

    No doubt specially applied for the BMA CCTV to catch it so conveniently…. Worth also,for the record, name checking
    Det Insp Ewan Kindness, a FCO counter terrorism officer who was responsible for accumulating the CCTV footage. **
    and who seems to have kept a pair of flats in Bradford…
    bought on 7/7 2006! exactly one year later.…,,Bradford/
    Strange old coincidence! And which in turn is the same day as the Bradford riots in 2001, as noted by Rachel North [q.v.]….

    We do see Arriva helping out at the scene, by lending a bus LJ53BBV for the mop-up/blocking/rest room as so often occurs in these London psy-ops.…

    This high res image seemed to appear ionly n 2009:…
    attribted to James Vellacott but the curious thing is that I can’t find any other 7/7 photos by him.

    And while we are on the subject of buses, we see that the driver of the No 30 bus which had its roof removed in Tavistock Square, George Psaradakis, ” today a taxi driver for London Buses after retiring from bus driving through ill health”,also came out of the woodwork on the 10th anniversary: [video]…

    “I remember patting the top of my head with my right hand. All I could feel was dust. I couldn’t make sense of what was happening.

    “nothing touched me, nothing at all”
    “I got off the bus and on the medical building adjacent to my bus, where my bus was, I see a leg, a naked leg or hand or whole arm stuck on the wall

    ** see A MODERN DAY CHRISTMAS STORY here [comments]…

  4. xileffilex

    Laura Susan Webb’s mum Hazel has given a 7/7 radio interview
    From 2:10.30 to 2:18.00 here…
    It’s a well rehearsed story. We don’t know where she was living because there was no probate, but allegedly it was Islington. She was also missing, allegedly and we are told her two sons and all of her friends had “searched every hospital in London” looking for her…. It’s basically a reading of the 2008 story here, including the Glastonbury allusion…

    Unfortunately, the BBC [2 days later] and other sources said she worked as a PA at University College Hosptal – so would have never been anywhere near Edgware Road station en route to work.……

    Her brother, Robert Webb, a council officer in Cardiff, fears she may have passed through the Edgware Road area at the time of the attacks in the city.
    Mr Webb, 38, said his sister’s boyfriend [Chris Driver, 28] last saw Ms Webb at 0900 BST on Thursday as she set off from home in north London for her job as a personal assistant at London’s University College Hospital.

    Laura’s boyfriend Chris Driver, 28, said she would have been taking a Tube from King’s Cross to the Paddington area. “

    July 15 2005…


    All recent references say she worked for an advertsing firm near Edgward Road calle DDB Europe.
    This page bears the date July 9 2005

    but it has never been archived until today. Hmmmm*/http://w…

    Who do you go to for informaton? The boyfriend’s sister!

    Rebecca Driver, his sister, said: “It’s her mum’s birthday today and it would be the best present in the world if we could find her. She was hoping to come to Kingston-on-Thames this evening to see her mum.”

    Another Guardian article citing DDB is only archived in 2014.
    This family announcement is dated June 17 2008!
    “She was a personal assistant with marketing agency DDB Europe ”

    Published July 09, 2005 Sunday Times…

    David Webb came to place photographs of his missing sister Laura Webb

    Miss Webb, who was brought up in Kingston Vale, Surrey, was a passionate globetrotter who spent nearly a year travelling through Thailand, Australia and South America with her boyfriend, Chris Driver, before they cut their trip short after the 9/11 attacks.
    She and Mr Driver planned to spend the rest of their lives together and were intending to buy a home, marry and have a family.…
    July 6 2015

    Apparently it took a week to identify Laura Webb. We are not told why.…

    Has Mr Driver [or even Rebecca] checked in with their memories on this 10th Anniversary? I suspect not.

  5. xileffilex

    I was just having a look at the ages of the 52 “deaths” in the London event, mirrored in this one. I’ll list them. Is this a cross section of ages in the rush hour in London?
    20,21,22,22, 23, 24,24,24,24,24,24,24,26,26,26,27,28,28,28,28,28,29,29,29
    I posted this in the Tunisian forum thread, since it was an inverse of the massacre of the ancients in Sousse. However it has relevance to 7/7 here.
    BTW although I linked a pirated version, I missed the offical Sky News full 2015 10th anniversary hangout which is here:

    see 9:13 to 9:40 especially

  6. xileffilex

    Just to ram home the message that people died and were injured on 7/7 we have this new programme, 7/7 Ten Years On, from Sky which is being shown at saturation level…

    The programme will first air on Sky1 at 9pm [29 June]. Sky News will show the documentary on Friday 3 July (9pm), Saturday 4 July (4am), Sunday 5 July (3am), Sunday 5 July (9pm) and Tuesday 7 July (9pm).

    It has already appeared on Youtube

    The BBC is restricting photos to just 18 of the “four bombers and 52 civilians” [“more than 700” were injured]…

    When did the number of injured become apparent? Immediately!

    He said two had died in the bus blast at 0947 at the junction of Upper Woburn Place and Tavistock Square.

    Scene of bus explosion
    Two people died in the bus blast
    There were also 700 people injured
    , Mr Paddick said.…
    Last Updated: Thursday, 7 July, 2005, 20:50 GMT 21:50 UK
    We can read in this book “The Puzzle of 7/7 ” by Eric D Williams [2006], page 2…
    that Brian Paddick, Deputy Assistant Police Commissioner, uttered this prophetic figure of injured at 18:13 hours, the same day.
    [13 people alone are alleged to have died on the bus in Tavistock Square]

    Gill Hicks, who is visible in the Sky documentary was also described as a “major events manager” at the Design Council.
    Whereas I can find no other mention of a “Head of curation ” post there, that organisation did employ a major events manager, indeed one was in post at 7/7 but it was someone called Tracy Breeze!…

    High Profile Events Manager & Executive Assistant to CEO
    Design Council
    …..op level liaison with Palace and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh Equerry. Design meetings, sourcing artwork, constant liaison with designers and ensuring deadlines met. Awards: Managing and co-ordinating exhibition and layout of eve, catering, staffing, guest lists, invitations. Meetings with Palace security, extra screening on eve due to HRH attendance…..
    April 2004 – March 2010 (6 years)


    **December 12, 2005

    “She walked down the aisle without a problem — it was wonderful,” said the South Australia agent-general in London, Maurice de Rohan, who represented Ms Hicks’ home state at the wedding.
    Said Clare Pajaczkowska***, a friend of the groom: “They dimmed the lights so it was all in candle light. It was very moving. We all wept.”

    Among the guests were Steve Bryan and Aaron Debnam, British Transport Police officers who helped to rescue Ms Hicks from the wreckage of the subway train, although Ms Hicks had saved her own life by raising her shattered legs onto a train seat to stop the blood loss, and tearing her chiffon scarf in two with her teeth to fashion a tourniquet.
    Both her legs were amputated below the knee, and she spent 2½ months recovering in hospital, where she learnt to walk on prosthetic limbs.

    *** it’s actually Claire not Clare…

    He is also a London bus driver, working out of Tottenham Garage.

  7. xileffilex

    I wonder who else is going to be paraded this week. already visible is Dr Gill Hicks, now 46 , who was the Design Council’s head of curation ** and now “known globally as a survivor of the London bombings of 7 July 2005”

    Here’s the official BBC commeration page
    which features 18 witnesses and survivors, not all with current photos.

    Ms Hicks lost both legs in the blast but saved her own life by tying tourniquets to her severed limbs. She told the inquest she thought she was having a heart attack when the bomb exploded. She passed out and awoke on a seat to discover her injuries. She ripped her scarf in half and tied it around each leg before lifting what remained of them over the armrest of a seat. She was praised by the coroner for her ‘indomitable spirit’.

    Apparently she had lost 75 per cent of her blood before making the tourniquets

    Gill’s charities have been clocked by Timothy Murphy at CF….
    However, two years ago it “emerged” [as it does] that after a painful marriage split her life is back on track…
    hings were not as they seemed. In fact she and bridegroom Joe Kerr had been having problems even before the bombings.

    And only now, after splitting from Joe and finding new love in ­Australia, does Gill finally feel happy and ready to move on. And she has a whole new focus now too… a beautiful 11-week-old baby…. ***

    Gill says with hindsight her wedding on December 10, 2005, ­exclusively covered by the Sunday Mirror, should never have happened.
    “Joe and I should never have been together. We had our problems before we got married and even before 7/7. We even had a blazing row on the morning of the bombings.
    “That was the reason I was on that Tube train at that time. I usually would have been in work much earlier. When I got on the train that morning I was already weighing up whether we should even be ­together or not….
    And after three years of marriage, the cracks in the relationship began to deepen and Gill was very unhappy….
    …just two years after the split in 2009, on a trip back to her homeland of Australia for not-for-profit organisation M.A.D. For Peace, Gill met ­industrial designer Karl Falzon, 41.
    …..Gill needed to pack up her life and move back to ­Australia after 22 years in London.
    It hasn’t been plain sailing for Gill and Karl either. She found out around the time of the birth that he’d been unfaithful….
    Well they’re both in London for the anniversary.

    Notice the Sydney siege connection……
    January 22 2015

    Early this year, in the wake of a siege at a Sydney cafe in which two people were killed, Ms Hicks helped establish #BeTheBridge to bring together people of different faiths to advocate for a peaceful response to violent extremism.

    Gill Hicks’ M.A.D seems to be moribund now…
    Her marketing director seems to have severed ties in 2011…
    to be replaced by new partner, Karl
    Karl Falzon, Commercial / Fund Raising Enquiries…
    The website is now defunct but we can still see her “Bin Laden response”…

    and for the record, also, here is the 2006 account of Ms now Honorary Doctor Hicks’ experience

    a third bomb deep in a Tube tunnel near Russell Square blew off Gill Hicks’s legs.

    “I was falling in black, liquid tar and my immediate sensation was I was having a heart attack and that I was dying on the Tube. The whole environment was changed. You’ve gone from a bright sunny world … suddenly the bowels of the Earth have opened up.

    “It was black. Can’t breathe, people screaming, what do I do? And I called for someone to pick me up: I remember putting my arms up and saying ‘I can’t feel my legs.'”

    Then the emergency light came on and the 37-year-old saw terrorist bomber Lindsey Germaine’s handiwork.

    “My legs did look like a picture of an anatomy drawing of what the inside of your leg looks like and my feet were both surgically severed but still connected to what remained of the lower part of my legs,” recalled Ms Hicks in a BBC interview last year.…

    1. xileffilex

      Here’s another 10th anniversary souvenir from someone who has amazingly been silent for 10 years.

      Creator of project: Georgina Ferguson
      Project goal: £1,500…
      “showered in soot but not hurt”
      I can find no reference to her on 7/7 before this art project commenced.

      ** I can find no other person who held such a position. but she remains [since Janary 2005] a director of the Women’s Playhouse Trust and was employed as Director (PUBLISHER) at TWO SEVEN TWO LIMITED from 16 April 2002 to 08 May 2007…
      *** Christened in the Russell Square fountain by….Rev Julie Nicholson [q.v.] no less.

    2. xileffilex

      As noted at CF here, Gill Hicks was doing the rounds following the Paris event on Friday the 13th. The next day, she was in The Age to keep 7/7 warm.…

      Her life in Australia in the late 1980s is quite bizarre

      Her mother and father divorced when her mother discovered her husband had a double life with a second family. He died when Hicks was 21 – still “a complete mystery” – and her mother passed away a year later. Hicks took off to London, where – with neither a university degree or experience in journalism – she managed to talk her way into a job at marie claire magazine.

  8. xileffilex

    Well, we are almost there. And the stories are already appearing. First up –
    Rev [still temporarily inactive today… ] Julia Nicholson, who has already appeared on Radio with her story, having written a book a few years previously, A Song for Jenny: A Mother’s Story of Love and Loss
    The victim Jennifer [Jenny] Nicholson has already been highlighted at CF by Timothy Murphy in 2009:….
    As Timothy discovered, we only had two very poor photos of “Jenny” at the time including one rather unflattering one which has since appeared in a fuller version. [The two images don’t immediately suggest the same person] @@@


    Jennifer Vanda Nicholson was born in Bristol on 17 October 1980, the first child of Greg, and Julie Nicholson.
    Her father works for BAe systems, while her mother is vicar of St Aidan’s with St George church in Bristol.

    source: [Nov 25 2010]

    There is one person missing from all this [as is often the case] the boyfriend, whom she must have been close to for at least 5 years, having met him in the first year at Reading University and with whom she had lived for at least a year. He is nowhere.

    Ms Nicholson had moved with her boyfriend of five years, James White, to Reading, roughly half-way between her family – including sister Lizzie, 22, and brother Tom, 16 – in Bristol and her job in London.…

    Mrs Nicholson recalls the phone call she received from younger daughter Lizzie on the morning of the bombings and having to identify her daughter’s body.$$
    Miss Nicholson graduated from the town’s university with a degree in music and English in 2002.
    Having completed a masters degree in advanced musical studies in her hometown of Bristol, the 24-year-old moved back to Reading and commuted to her new advertising sales executive job.
    She lived with boyfriend James White at a flat in Brownlow Road, West Reading, for about a year.

    July 7 2010…
    which also provides another image

    She settled down in Reading with her boyfriend, James, who she met during her first term at university. The couple planned to marry and have children.…
    She had phoned her boyfriend, James White, minutes earlier.***

    …and that’s the last we ever hear from Jim who must surely have been devastated??

    I notice that there is some problem with the narrative concerning whether Jenny Nicholson would have indeed been travelling on the train she is alleged to have been on.…
    She was a recent employee of Rhinegold Publishing 20 Rugby Street London WC1N 3QZ

    Anonymous says

    I used to work at Rhinegold Publishing although I never met her as she joined after my time. I also know Paddington commuter arrival location. She could not have been on the WESTBOUND Circle line unless she took Hammersmith & City to Edgware Road and then changed there to Westbound and intended to go down to Notting HIll to change for Central line. None of these journeys make much sense for Rhinegold office – the quickest would be, of course, Bakerloo.

    ***The other certainty is that she made a call to her father or her boyfriend (both are mentioned in different reports) and that was traced to Paddington.

    The other version is that she rang her father Gregg [sic] on holiday in Anglesey with Julie.

    Vicar’s daughter JENNY NICHOLSON, 24, has been missing since the bomb blasts and her parents fear she is among the victims.
    The Rev Julie Nicholson and her husband Gregg dashed to London from their holiday in north Wales when they heard about the terror attacks.…

    Her last known phone call was placed to her father, Gregg, from Paddington station, minutes before the bombing.…

    July 20 2005

    @@@ The three articles penned in the Daily Mail by Julie in 2010 to publicise her book, with more photos, are listed here:……

    People who were on the Electoral Roll at the same address in the same year(s)

    Annenjeri Kuira, Dickson M Kamenya, Sidi M Didi,
    James P White, Susan M Didi

    $$ Most recently in the radio show she says she “insisted on seeing her body”

      1. xileffilex

        I’ll have a look, Anti. I dd see that exchange by Anon. The problem is that it’s very difficult to recruit people to be on a certain train or bus, who all have commutes from different suburbs at a certain time. The usual get-out is that they are running late/early for whatever reason and also the transport is allegedly disrupted, so they start taking unfamiliar and seemingly odd transport routes in panic.

        The radio show with Julie Nicholson is here [from 12:10 mins]…

        1. xileffilex

          I notice Bridget Dunne invokes one of the semi-anonymous contributors to a BBC website [so easy to fill with fake witness stories…] to explain the anomaly, a certain “Bindesh” [no name or location supplied]

          Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 July, 2005, 15:58 GMT 16:58 UK
          as cited here

          That BBC fount of “witnesses” brings up an interesting name…

          I work in the BMA building. When I heard the blast and looked out of the window the sight was shocking. My colleagues and I were going to go down to help, but the fire alarms went off and we were evacuated. I left via the fire exit with the smell of burning flesh getting more and more intense as I got closer to the ground floor. As I got to the ground floor there were people laying in the reception area covered in blood. When I stepped outside the first thing I saw was a body laying on the ground to my left. It was unrecognisable – just a heap of bloody flesh. My thoughts are with everyone that has been affected by this tragedy.
          Toni Poole, Dagenham, UK

          Is this for real???
          I ask because…[Tom, you’ll like this football reference]

          June 14, 2007
          Childhood sweethearts John and Toni will marry in a Surrey mansion. **

          How it all started: John and Toni are Essex childhood sweethearts who grew up in neighbouring Barking and Dagenham.
          when his career took off, she was able to give up her job as a beautician.

          although 2.5 years later…
          England soccer captain John Terry’s wife is ready to divorce him over his alleged affair with former team-mate Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend
          But this never came to pass.
          ** Blenheim Palace, actually
          Coincidence? Elaborate joke? Reality?

  9. xileffilex

    And we will be remembering it in 2015…
    First off…

    Date : 19-01-2015
    Court : Ipswich Crown Court
    Judge : Judge David Goodin
    Case number : T20140555
    Defendant Name : Louise Gray
    Defendant Gender : Female
    Defendant Age : 42 Years
    Co-Defendant/s : No
    Offence : Theft – Dishonestly appropriating property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it
    Sentence : Custodial immediate
    Total Sentence : 2 Years 8 Months
    Likely Release / Eligibility Date : 22/5/2016
    Distinguishing Features/Facts : She pleaded guilty to theft (£43,000) in Ipswich, Suffolk, between 16 July 2012 and 29 November 2013. She was given £50,000 to look after by her son who was awarded the money (placed in trust until he was 18) by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority after his father was killed (on a Circle line Tube train near Aldgate station) in the London bombings on 7 July 2005.

    The judge said: “The theft of £43,000 is one thing. The theft of £43,000 by a parent from a young adults trust is quite another … that sum represented most, practically all, the compensation he received for his fathers tragic death. The offence you have committed against your son, the trust you betrayed … is so serious it can only be met by a custodial sentence.”
    Sentenced : On Plea
    Defence Team
    Solicitor’s Firm : Taylor Haldane Barlex LLP
    Solicitor : Richard David Conley
    Prosecuting Team
    Barrister : Michael William Jason Crimp
    Prosecuting Authority : CPS Suffolk
    Police Area : Suffolk Constabulary

    Any partcular photo of Mr Gray to accompany press articles? Just the usual fuzzy one with idiotic expression for the standard purpose….just to refresh out memory:…

  10. xileffilex

    Well fancy that…
    you could take one of the staged autos in the 7/7 bus movie for a test drive…anyone living near Gatwick Airport please apply.

    Or perhaps someone took it for a test drive to London in 2005?
    7/7 image here – or more likely an 7/8 image:…

    Booking form here

    Request A Test Drive
    To book a test drive with this vehicle, simply complete your details below and a member of our specialist team will contact you as soon as possible.
    Redhill Honda 105-115 Brighton Road Redhill RH1 6PS
    Tel: 01737 742770 Fax: 01737 789526

    Vehicle details Honda – CR-V ESTATE (2.0 i-VTEC SE Sport 5dr Auto) – WK53ECX

    [I guess it's an old link]

  11. xileffilex

    Those Channel 4 interviews are quite revealing.
    Take victim Ciaran Cassidy, 22. This is what his mum Veronica says:
    “His big dream was to go to Australia. I think Ciaran would have eventually emigrated to Australia as the lfestyle would have suite him…..At the time he had a very good Australian friend who was going to accompany Ciaran out to Australia and get him established”

    or the badly injured lawyer Thelma Stober.
    “She lost her left foot and part of her leg in the blast which killed seven people.”…

    There’s a problem because two years at the “inquest”
    we read key “witness ” Colin Alexander Pettit tell the court :
    …a coloured lady who — she was about 40, 45 years’ old, medium to large build, I’d say, I actually had — I was speaking to her, she had — well, she had obviously been blown out of the train, she was wedged between the line, and she was in great pain, she kept saying to me how her back was very — you know, particularly — well, was painful, her legs were in quite a bad state, her right leg had some bad sort of wounds to them, her left leg was quite badly cut up as well. She was desperate for assistance. I think her name was Thelma —
    Stober, that’s right and she lost part of her right leg.

    right leg, left leg… which was it? Telegraph – right leg; Standard – left leg; other papers – “one of her legs”.

    She received £33,000, the maximum for the loss of a limb below the knee, but felt let down by the form-filling and regulation. She also suffered loss of hearing, damage to her right foot and severe scarring to her back.

    Story and biography here

    9 years on…
    “..part of the door was my right, um, thigh and my [tiny pause] left foot was broken…”

    also check out this 2011 BBC relived journey……

    We do not see the foot or legs.

  12. xileffilex

    This barrister, whom the excellent researcher Euphoria has fingered at CF,

    has an interesting side-line :…
    We offer motorbike hire (Triumph and Moto Guzzi motorcycles) and guided and self-guided tours.
    We focus on a series of three day motorcycle tours out of Auckland, New Zealand with accommodation, sightseeing and the company of fellow bikers.

    The testimonials don’t seem to be flowing too fast, just the one.…

    And if you crash your Guzzi, the legal profession is at hand……

    The mother of Shelley [dual Irish=NZ citizenship] was a stand-up comedian.

    Ms Mather’s body was formally identified by police on Saturday”…
    [NZ Herald, July 18 2005]
    it’s just a chance for the wonderful person that was Shelley to be known a little better,” Ms Hall said. [her aunt]
    It’s absurd.

  13. xileffilex

    There is still much mileage in this for research, especially concerning the “victims”: some excellent work there by antipodean and others.…….
    best to steer well clear of this, however….…

    the big give-away was that the bus was replaced with a gleaming new vehicle….like thanks for borrowing your bus which we wrecked, here’s the replacement. It wouldn’t happen with a normal bus write-off in such a large fleet.

    guess what happened to its replacement?…

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