The price of a hoax

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If my assertions are correct, than this is the cost of fraud that everyone who lives in my province will be paying – for life (assuming we can believe the numbers).

An old corporation (not a public entity, so not accountable) slogan from Ontario went 0;imagine the freedom”.  Well imagine the freedom from onerous taxation if we had one less massive energy swindle on our books. I think Ontario may be the most financially burdened victim of the on the planet.

Imagine, the assessment of the project is redacted. How is that possible in a publicly funded operation? What’s the secret? Is their excuse that they have imaginary secrets that the imaginary El-Shebab-ISIS-Quaeda bin Boogey Baghdadi will steal and build their own magical power plant?

When you read this endless cost overrun stories with your fakeology filters, the story becomes even more nauseating. Sadly, the public doesn’t understand the nature of fakeology or physics, so most couldn’t even begin to fathom the fraud.

A heavily edited assessment of the project to overhaul the Darlington nuclear station has identified up to $300 million in cost increases, two years before physical work is scheduled to start.

Planners have broken the overhaul into 19 sub-projects, only two of which are behind scheduled and over budget, he said. A third is on schedule, but over budget.

Kelly said the project is expected to cost at most $10 billion, in 2013 dollars. That figure will grow with inflation, since it won’t be finished until 2026

OPG has said in previous filings that the final cost of the project, “translates into a completion cost (of) $12.9 billion, including capitalized interest and contingency, by the end of the project.”

via Darlington nuclear costs rise, according to report | Toronto Star.

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2 thoughts on “The price of a hoax

  1. columjaddica

    I never understood why government was in the business of gambling in the first place.

    I’ll go to a liquor store or gas station and there are the poor lining up to buy dozens of tickets. It’s not hard to see that they cant afford this.


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