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Buzz says the flag fell down

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…and the space radiation disintegrated the rest of it. OK. I guess the flag wasn’t made with hemp.

The question forum wasn’t without someone bringing up the claims that Apollo 11 never actually completed the mission and that Aldrin didn’t really walk on the moon. Aldrin responded, “I personally don’t waste very much of my time on [it].” He cited Sagan’s famous declaration that “Extraordinary observations require extraordinary evidence to make them believable.” No extraordinary evidence exists, as far as Aldrin is concerned, to prove the mission didn’t happen as it’s officially presented. On the other hand, he cited evidence that he did go to the moon: “There are photographs from lunar reconnaissance orbiter satellites, going around the moon, that clearly show all of the experiments that we described when we came back from the moon, and they are evidence that we were there, telling the truth, you can even see a trail of Neil Armstrong’s trek not footprints really but the stirred up dust in walking or jogging behind him to see the west Crater that we had flown over, that Neil was concerned about landing close to that—and he took photos of that and then he went back to the spacecraft.”Addressing some other common criticisms, he said the flag they left behind fell down as they took off and space radiation has probably disintegrated it since.

via Buzz Aldrin Answering Questions on Reddit: Talks Hoax Claims, Elon Musk, Carl Sagan – The Epoch Times.

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Thought of the day – Olympic Park Bomber

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Zach’s rants are as good as his numbers, which I enjoy reading.

I think that the Olympic Park bomber is another figment of the hoaxsters’ imagination. He is held in another imaginary place, the Supermax prison in Colorado.

These hoaxters, these fakeologists, these assholes- they really torment us as if we’re morons and somehow we fall for it. The worst part is, us one eyed fools in the land of the blind, we’re ridiculed for stating the obvious, that is the ongoing hoax that is our government, media and culture. The whole thing, the living soap-opera, is nothing but shenanigans when melted down, and the problem with these shenanigans, is they are hurting everyone, better yet, everything living on this planet; all of our lives are hampered, some much more than others, through debt, violence, poverty, low wages, high cost of living and other unnecessary obstacles, such as Orwellian security in our airports which have never been dangerous places, not until the hoaxters made them so with our media, which is the media for their ongoing PsyOps and their “shows” which have debuted on dates such as June 6, November 22, April 4, September 11, and many others. From JFK to 9/11, these have been made for television events, meant to torment our psychology, and they have served their purpose. Not only that, they are continually referred to as reminded of.

What I’m saying is we are witnessing “acts” according to the “numbers”.  Check your Bible, it is made of 66 Books, 39 in the Old Testament, 27 in the New.  The fourth books is titled “Numbers”, and in numerology, “4” is the foundation.  You will find that many of the numbers in the Bible, align very well with the numbers you see in this country.  For example, the final Book is titled Revelation, and the numbers used most in that book, far and beyond, are 7 and 4, much like the nation’s birthday.  This is the tip of the iceberg.  To learn more, please read this blog and expand your mind.  You have to be open.  Yes, this goes against the world you thought you knew- but ask yourself, does the world you thought you knew make much sense?
…Does it really?

via free to find truth: 33 66 | Eric Robert Rudolph, the “Olympic Park Bomber” | FBI Top 10 Most Wanted.

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