Buzz says the flag fell down

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…and the space radiation disintegrated the rest of it. OK. I guess the flag wasn’t made with hemp.

The question forum wasn’t without someone bringing up the claims that Apollo 11 never actually completed the mission and that Aldrin didn’t really walk on the moon. Aldrin responded, “I personally don’t waste very much of my time on [it].” He cited Sagan’s famous declaration that “Extraordinary observations require extraordinary evidence to make them believable.” No extraordinary evidence exists, as far as Aldrin is concerned, to prove the mission didn’t happen as it’s officially presented. On the other hand, he cited evidence that he did go to the moon: “There are photographs from lunar reconnaissance orbiter , going around the moon, that clearly show all of the experiments that we described when we came back from the moon, and they are evidence that we were there, telling the truth, you can even see a trail of Neil Armstrong’s trek not footprints really but the stirred up dust in walking or jogging behind him to see the west Crater that we had flown over, that Neil was concerned about landing close to that—and he took photos of that and then he went back to the spacecraft.”Addressing some other common criticisms, he said the flag they left behind fell down as they took off and space radiation has probably disintegrated it since.

via Buzz Aldrin Answering Questions on Reddit: Talks Hoax Claims, Elon Musk, Carl Sagan – The Epoch Times.

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4 thoughts on “Buzz says the flag fell down

  1. sami

    This is a clip from “Astronauts Gone Wild”, one of Sibrel’s films. Not a fan of Sibrel these days, but do appreciate the role he played for me on my journey.

    I think Bart may be an operative of sorts, to cloud the issue and build upon the “conspiracy” themes. But he really does make the astronauts look dumb in some of the interviews. At the same time, Sibrel’s personality is offensive, at times annoying and rude. He is basically playing the role of a clown and made to look stupid on some levels. I surmise this is designed to further the “conspiracy theorists” stereotype so that when people think of Moon Landing Hoax, they think of this asshole, and his tin foil hat, thereby completely dismissing the idea alltogether. “Why waste time looking at “evidence”, these people are crazy.”

    On the other hand Sibrel’s film “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” was very eye opening for me when I saw it years ago. It motivated me to do more research, solid evidence, as do the “Astronauts Gone Wild” and other videos he’s done. Sibrel was very helpful for me years ago when I was first awakening to the Moon Landing Hoax in 1999-2000. I agree he is a layer of the onion but I try to be careful about throwing out the baby with the bathwater. You have to navigate this stuff carefully. Later, I was able to connect more dots with further research. Dave McGowan, Jack White, Jay Weidner, and many others; and of course the research on cluesforum more recently. At this point the scam is glaringly obvious. I do think these onion layers of “researchers” are useful for people who may be at the early stages of research.

    Unfortunately, NASA still has the wool over most people’s eyes. Whatever his overall role and/or motives/agenda, I at least appreciate Sibrel for putting these liars on the hot seat and asking them real questions and watching them squirm as they contradict themselves and their lies unravel.

    “What was the temperature like in the spacecraft on the moon?”
    “Would it be hot or cold without the climate control?”
    “What is the power of the engine that descended to the moon?”
    “Any effects from the Van Allen radiation belts?”

  2. Hoi Polloi

    What would disturb those impossible footprints? Don’t they say there is no moisture? Doesn’t NASA say there is no wind? Those supposed images of mysteriously perfect, preserved footprints on the allegedly dry “dusty” moon just went away because — like Wile E. Coyote realizing he has continued running onto thin air — they realized they are impossible and caved in?

    He must be saying the last time Obomber bombed the moon, it caused all the footprints to collapse in their own, er, footprints, so to speak. Perhaps we can guess it took 9 and 11 seconds for all the left foot and right foot prints to “dustify”? Inside job! The footprints were built to demolish!

  3. Tal Shiar

    Interesting video, but this isn’t evidence of anything to me. The man blindsided him and really upset him. Putting myself in Buzz’s shoes, I think I would be shocked that someone tried to video tape me, and lmake me look like a liar. It doesn’t sit with me right.

    1. ab Post author

      Your comment echoes most of those found on the youtube page. So, is this the point of Bart Sibrel? If you watch his moon video, it appears to confirm that nukes are real and the Russians made it to the moon (although they crashed landed he says). So is Bart a controlled opposition figure to poison the moon landing doubters? Quite possibly. We always have to look for the extra layers of the onion. The movie is still worth watching the a$$trueNOTS squirm. They are clearly lying about something.

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