Ep116-Videre Licet

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Showtime: Saturday, July 12, 2014 9:11pm EDT

Guest: Videre Licet
Callers: Rollo, Banazir

Topic: stories with a Canadian transplant




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3 thoughts on “Ep116-Videre Licet

  1. FauxCapitalist

    Ab, 1h8m in, DallasGoldBug was mentioned, and how you think he’s controlled opposition, for drawing attention to the actual use of crisis actors, and then attempting to discredit it by making outlandish claims about real people being played by actors.

    But as Rollo pointed out at 1h48m, the adding of numbers that equal certain numbers (allegedly to signify fake stories) “makes us look like freak shows,” and you even said at 1h20m that it “makes us look a little kooky,” and Simon expressed his disdain for such numerological analysis on a previous show.

    I agree with that assessment of it in general, and I also think your position on nuclear power being fake also has the same effect, which is why Simon wanted to draw the distinction between nuclear weapons and nuclear power on a previous show when he was arguing for nuclear weapons being fake.

    However, he has since started saying that he doesn’t think satellites exist, where I think he took an unjustified leap from his 9/11 research that could be used to smear it in the minds of those who aren’t predisposed to independently judge the claims (most people).

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