Lie Witness News mashup

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It’s no wonder fake news events get past the majority, looking at these clips. Some of these alleged random interviewees could be producers of the show, but most look uninformed enough to be real.

Lie Witness News – Preparing for the Big One:

Lie Witness News – Dead Imaginary Celeb Edition:

Lie Witness News – Justin Bieber Concert:

Lying witnesses – even if they weren’t actors on they could hardly be used as credible witnesses

Lie Witness News – State of the Union Edition:

Lie Witness News — Presidents’ Day Edition:

H/t fakeologist youth

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2 thoughts on “Lie Witness News mashup

  1. Henkus

    I knew about the LIE wittness news, but had not seen it for some time.
    Think i just lost all my faith in humanity…especially after the bieber one.

    Or are these videos faked, staged or edited out of context?

    1. khammad

      How about all three: Faked, staged and out of context. Hey, what a great title.

      Some of the men looked like they were dressed up in an “incognito outfit”, as if they were playing a role about a guy running away from the law.

      I would imagine they would use what ever the cheapest technique is. Say there are not enough people on the street, then throw the camera assistant in there instead of spending hours looking for a busy street. Say no one said anything funny, it would be cheaper to alter the video than to send out a new film crew.

      This feels like normal business practices. No one in the industry would think twice.

      What bothers me is the potential for pre-meditated fakery that these practices have.

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