Pulitzer by the numbers

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Zach writes a good post on Pulitzer, even if you don’t buy into the .

Joseph Pulitzer was the famous Hungarian-American Jewish Newspaper Publisher. His papers would be the New York World and the St. Louis Dispatch. In addition to the paper business, he would serve in Congress as was instrumental in getting the Statue of Liberty in New York. His legacy as a congressman was 0;one who fought against big business and corruption”. He was born in Hungary on April 10, 1847, notice the year ’47 with the same name, but a slightly different spelling, Jozsef Pulitzer.

via free to find truth: 74 | Joseph Pulitzer, Journalism and the Pulitzer Prize.

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1 thought on “Pulitzer by the numbers

  1. smj

    those damned hungarians.


    leo szilard, the man who got the patent for the nuclear chain reaction and shared the patent on the nuclear reactor with enrico fiasco, also came up with the nick-name for the influential group of hungarian compatriots.

    here’s an ironic kick in the nuts. it seems szilard means consistent, firm, fixed etc. in hungarian. just like those indivisible atoms were supposed to be.

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