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I spent a lot of time back in the day watching America’s Most Wanted. I got excited every week watching the counter go up and up of criminals being apprehended. Was John Walsh’s story of his boy being abducted true? Was it a ruse to premise a new TV show? Were these scary criminals really caught? I don’t know, but like everything else in media and the past, it’s worth looking in to.

John Walsh is the creator and host of the longtime television program, America’s Most Wanted. The story with Walsh was that he created the show after his son was murdered in 1981 and the killer was never found. In 2008, that changed, when the death was blamed on Ottis Toole, who passed away a decade earlier in 1998. The Gematria of Otis Toole is quite interesting.

In the year 2014, I’m really doubting the whole story of John Walsh and America’s Most Wanted, mostly thanks to the research of this blog and other important sites such as  It seems more likely to me that John Walsh is a fraud and so is his television program.  Instead of capturing 0;the most wanted”, I have a feeling it it more about “spreading fear”.  More recently, John Walsh debuted on CNN with his new show, which is a remake of ‘America’s Most Wanted’, titled The Hunt.  The debut show just aired and Variety gave it a very fair review, commenting on how CNN continues to blur the line with “news” and “Lifetime television”.  If they were speaking even more directly, they likely would have just ousted CNN as a complete and utter fraud of a network.

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    John Walsh is a hypocrite who turned his son’s death into a showbiz
    career. Walsh should be on the registry! The registry he helped create!
    There’s thousands of young men who did the same thing Walsh did and now
    their lives are ruined. Saying you thought she was old enough hasn’t
    worked as an excuse for anyone else. Walsh should go to prison for 20
    years and then have to live under a bridge for the rest of his life.

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