My foot

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Why or why are stories like this being promoted? How is it possible that amputations are suddenly in 0;vogue” with the media? Who or what has a fetish with missing limbs? This story is so silly I can hardly beLIEve anyone would bother with it, but here it is.

Joe Pleban is putting his best foot forward.

The 23-year-old Virginia man only has one left – the right one – after he decided to amputate the left one rather than continue suffering from the rare disease that filled his ankle with benign tumours, ABC News reported. Surgery and radiation had temporarily stopped the tumours but had given him arthritis, which made it difficult to walk without crutches or a cane.

via Man makes ‘farewell foot’ photo album before amputation | Weird | News | Toronto.

I think I’d inject heroin before cutting off any body part. Who writes this crap? (I think we know…)

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  1. columjaddica

    Over at my little forum we first noticed this after Boston Marathon. Although you could say it kicked up a notch with the Oscar Pistorius case (odd timing there with the Marathon story). All of the sudden even car insurance commercials worked in runners with prosthetics. It looked coordinated because it was getting injected into all sorts of unrelated TV spots.

    We think it is part of a general push to sell the public on transhumanism. We will be promised superhuman abilities, but lets not mention the control factor or kill switch. The “usual suspects” consist of the major US research universities and DARPA spin-off companies (the tech giants).

    Resistance Is Futile

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