Why are Muslims silent on 911?

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If you ask yourself the question, the answer comes quickly. Who is in a worse position to argue the myth of than those accused of the 0;crime”?

It is expected that anyone accused of a crime to say anything to defend themselves. The wackier the defence, the more foolish they appear. Therefore it’s logical (although counterintuitive) that there are few Muslim 911 fakeologists, even though they have the most to gain exposing the .🌘

Chris does a good interview with a Muslim aware of (he is stuck on the 911 victims story however 😩).

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4 thoughts on “Why are Muslims silent on 911?

  1. psyopticon

    In the aftermath of the 2005 London 7/7 Bomb Hoax, Dr Mohammad Naseem, chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque (Britain’s largest) was interviewed by the BBC R4 Today programme.

    Naseem all but called the “bombing” a hoax. Comparing the phony incident to a well known TV advert for butter. In the advert, a field full of cows are seen dancing for joy, thanks to the magic of digital animation. In other words, the “bombing” – and the video “confessions” of the Muslim bombers were also made-for-media fabrications.

    So there’s one prominent Western Muslim who did “blow the whistle”. But Naseem paid the price. He was ridiculed for speaking out. Portrayed by the media as a whacko “Conspiracy Theorist”, his reputation in tatters among most non-Muslims.

    [Naseem] told a BBC2 documentary Muslims “do not accept the government version of July 7, 2005”.

    Later, when a videotape emerged featuring suspected bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan, appearing to explain his actions, Naseem said: “We are in the 21st century. The cows can be made to look as dancing, the horses can speak like humans, so these things can be doctored or can be produced.”


  2. khammad

    Why are Muslims silent about 9/11?

    I have to assume this questions is about Arab-Muslims because of the highJacker connection.

    For this issue, there are two types of Arab-Muslims: those living in the U.S. and those living outside of the U.S.

    This matters a great deal because of the benefits.

    Those Arab-Muslims living inside the U.S. do not want to appear to be anti-American as they have jobs with American bosses, do business dealings with Americans, etc. These Arab-Muslims will be at a financial disadvantage if they are anti-American.

    Arab-Muslims who live outside the U.S. clearly do not have that disadvantage.

    Back to the original question: Why are Muslims silent about 9/11? Having lived in the Arab-Muslim community here in America for 30 years, and having been to the middle east several times, I can only share what I have observed.

    The Arab-Muslims-Americans I hung around with were initially embarrassed, in 2001, by 9/11, ready and willing to take responsibility for it all. Their guilt was palpable. As their emotions and memory of that day have faded with time, I have noticed that more and more Arab-Muslim-Americans are willing to explore the possibility that the events of 9/11 might not be as they were told. However, they are still quite embarrassed to talk about it with Americans.

    In private, they might have conversations about the Mosad, or the greedy global elite, but these ideas never go anywhere. Mostly, these Arab-Muslim-Americans are just talking about a CNN reports and trying to make sense out of them.

    Why are Muslims silent about 9/11? Can we ask why are Americans silent about 9/11? Generally speaking, Americans DON’T talk about 9/11, so how can we judge Arab/Muslims?

    We must ask because CNN asks this same nonsensical question. Fox News continually asks this question so we musk ask it as well.

    This question has no answer because none of us has access to the media to tell our side of ANY story.

    Let me repeat that: None of us has access to the media!!!

    Did Arab-American-Muslims get hold of the media and tell their story? How the hell would we know?

    Trick Questions: Why Don’t Muslims talk about 9/11?

    Answer: The media will never let 9/11 be a serious topic for discussion.

  3. Shady Pica

    Whereas if you are a Muslim and everyone on the TV is calling you names… you have to at least question where the hell the things that they are saying are valid. No? If suddenly they started saying everyone with blue eyes was a terrorist, I think I’d start asking some questions. No?

  4. Shady Pica

    My very first encounter with an actual conspiracy theory was with a Muslim back in 1989. We talked about how the blacks were subliminally made inferior through history and our media and that the Sphinx’s nose in Egypt was really broken because it was originally an “African” nose and not “European” (don’t know what accuracy is contained in that theory). The guys I knew back then were ahead of the curve just as some of the Muslims I’ve met within the last few years are. Most Muslims I know are afraid to question anything because they are relatively happy here compared to where they came from. I think people, in general, are more likely to question those who wish to marginalize them or make them into monsters. For example, if you are a firefighter, in nyc, you are probably less likely to question the official story of 911. Especially when they are making works of art depicting your profession. No?

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