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Lawrence Livermore labs – nuclear DreamWorks?

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Fakeologist @smj talks to Chris about Livermore labs, where the only thing that may have been real was the cathode ray tube (TV). The rest of its output may be one giant hoax.

Amazing all the occult numerology in both their name and phone number. This cannot be a coincidence.

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* Published 7/14/14 8:00:54 PM

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Iron Hoax

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I doubt the Iron Dome does anything much, but I also would not give this doubting story too much credit. We don’t know who this scientist is, if he in fact exists at all. This story could simply be part of the back and forth dialectic of the unsolvable-by-design Israeli-Palestinian crisis.

My other thought was don’t be upset at Israelis in Israel. I figure all the money “sent” by Washington to them is simply a credit card for defense spending. I doubt very much of the cash makes it down to the average Israeli shitizen. The only benefactors are the likes of Raytheon and other defense contractors.

An Israeli scientist and award-winning security expert has called the Iron Dome missile defence system “the biggest hoax the world has seen”, Addustour news website has reported.

According to Dr Motty Scheffer, “Today, there is no missile which can intercept other missiles or rocket-propelled grenades, and the Iron Dome is a light audio system which blocks Israeli public opinion and, of course, itself. In fact, all the explosions that we have seen in the atmosphere are self-destruction. The Iron Dome did not launch any rocket that could intercept at least one missile fired from Gaza.”

via Israeli expert says Iron Dome defence is a hoax.

h/t Banazir

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Buzzing up a storm

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Looking for slip ups from the world’s oldest living a$$troNOT! Surely as he gets older he will become less careful in his choice of words…will he let it slip or even care? Will there be gems like Neil Armstrong’s last public appearances? He must just be itching to tell the truth. It IS human nature, I think.

h/t Johnny Clues in chat.fakeologist.com

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