Lawrence Livermore labs – nuclear DreamWorks?

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Fakeologist @smj talks to Chris about Livermore labs, where the only thing that may have been real was the cathode ray tube (TV). The rest of its output may be one giant hoax.

Amazing all the occult numerology in both their name and phone number. This cannot be a coincidence.

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* Published 7/14/14 8:00:54 PM

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7 thoughts on “Lawrence Livermore labs – nuclear DreamWorks?

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  2. Banazîr Galbasi

    Chris mentioned the word ‘technotronics’ a few times in his
    broadcast. I remember hearing that word somewhere but I
    couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I stumbled across this:…

    Its from ‘Big Brother’ from a few years ago (yes I watch the bloody show). Skip to 1:00 to see the guy try to spell it. Then jump to about 2:00 to see them ‘discuss’ the word in a civilized manner. Its interesting the discussion regarding this at the time that no one seemed to figure it out, especially because of the name of the television program.


    Big Brother is watching you. Or you it. OK just me then.

  3. smj

    lawrence was born in small town north dakota and in that town there happened to be another local genius who would later go on to found a “big science” lab of his own. this other genius was merle tuve, the founding director of the johns hopkins applied physics lab.…

    here’s tuve’s description of how he personally inspired ernie to build the cyclotron–

    So I started looking at [E. O.] Lawrence’s work with the cyclotron and was having some difficulties understanding exactly how he got started building equipment.

    [laughs] We were old pals from ham radio days — “amateur radio” it was called then — back in 1914 and 1915. Ernie Lawrence got started with electronics in my dad’s basement — in our basement. We inherited a bunch of electronics equipment, so-called, from the Boy Scouts. My father [A. G. Tuve] was scoutmaster. The scouts got tired of it, and so it was left in our basement. Ernie and I have a long history together. He went to the University of South Dakota. Then I arranged for him to get a fellowship at the University of Minnesota where I graduated, and we were together again. Then he went off to Yale and I went off to Princeton — later Hopkins. When Ernie took a job as assistant professor at the University of California he paid me a couple visits at our Carnegie Lab and I told him — he was playing around with gyroscopes, high-speed spinning things — and I said he ought to pick out a subject with obvious expansion possibilities and not monkey around with this diddle here and that diddle there. I lambasted him like a good old friend and then told him: “The kind of thing we’re doing here may be hopeless — may be a heck of a long road — but it is worth doing, it’s obvious.” I’m sure he took it to heart. He was playing around with different things until the afternoon that he and [M. S.] Livingston figured out the cyclotron. Well, I’ll let you go ahead with your quizzing.…

    it turns out that merle’s thesis advisor was none other than joseph ames. the same joseph sweetman ames that nasa’a “big science” lab in mountainview, california is named for. mountainview is also home to the googleplex and its “big science” minion, astro “story” teller. livermore is only a manageable 33.6 miles from mountainview.

    “big science” is done in a very small world it seems.

    1. columjaddica

      Mountainview is also home to US Army 7th Psychological Operations Group (Under this group you find the units in Aurora, CO and elsewhere)

      I’m convinced that the fact that Aurora has two PSYOP units is somehow relevant to the major news stories out of that community and other bordering Denver suburbs. Maybe I’m just crazy but there aren’t any other cities with two resident PSYOP units.…

      Mountainview is also home to 351st Civil Affairs Command with many other units under it

    1. smj

      nasa is created by the space act of 1958, during the i.g.y..

      here’s some propaganda by the first nasa administrator t. keith glennan. mr. glennan didn’t seem to have much space experience per se; but he was studio manager of paramount and samuel goldwyn studios, that is if you believe his official nasa bio.…

      the strange creature that introduced t. keith was hugh dryden, as in dryden flight research center.

      t. keith set up shop in the tayloe house, the old digs of the cosmos club.…

      1. smj

        i might as well tie it all together for symmetry’s sake. phiilip abelson was another small town kid born to norwegian parents, like lawrence and tuve. poor phil started out doing this at the rad lab at berkeley:

        “Oh, there were probably about fifteen or eighteen graduate students. Incidentally, in the cyclotron laboratory with Lawrence that first year my memory was that I was the only graduate student On the other hand there were postdocs coming from the east coast and from Canada. Already there were other PhD people who recognized the future of nuclear physics. As a graduate student I got assigned six shifts a week on the cyclotron and those postdocs had only three. Working on the cyclotron in those early days was a miserable occupation. It was put together with a bunch of sealing wax and a compound called glyptal. With the magnetic field changing, the vacuum system would spring leaks.”

        and ended up doing this:
        “There was a year in my life when I was editor of Science, I was president of the Carnegie Institution, I was president of the International Union of Geological Sciences, I was president of the American Geophysical Union, and I was president of the Cosmos Club.”

        it seems if you had anything to do with the atom smasher at berkeley you could carve out quite the career. that is if you don’t mind being a bull science artist.…


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