It’s not MH370

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I wonder why those behind the hoax didn’t use this event to tie it all together?  Let’s watch the events unfold on this new Malaysian plane story.

A Malaysian passenger airliner with 295 people on board was shot down near the border of Ukraine and Russia, according to a number of reports.…

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8 thoughts on “It’s not MH370

  1. dinska

    They’re trying to get the waterworks to start. Wonder if people will buy this? (Why do I even ask?) But here’s a two plane tie-in:

    An Australian family has tragically been hit by both Malaysia Airlines tragedies, having now lost four members through flight MH370’s disappearance and flight MH17 being shot down over Ukraine.

    Irene and George Burrows, from Bileola, Queensland, were still mourning their son Rodney and his wife Mary after their plane vanished without a trace over the southern Indian Ocean in March, and will now have to grieve for their step-granddaughter Maree Rizk and her husband Albert who were aboard MH17.…

  2. columjaddica

    I think it goes without saying but I can’t believe this story. But Ukraine/Russia has been heating up (from what I’m told).

    I don’t know what Malaysia Airlines to get on the shit-list, but I’m glad I don’t work for them.

  3. Cobra Commander

    I haven’t studied the TWA 800 myth too much, but with all the media fakery out there, I pretty much figured it was another myth like most major events.

    Here’s another so called coincidence… The Epix channel just happened to be airing the TWA 800 documentary today of all days. Hadn’t been on in a while.

    BTW… Check out this video I recorded of a prank caller on MSNBC about Malaysian Flight 17 today.

  4. Cobra Commander

    Today just happens to be the 18th anniversary of TWA Flight 800 that was rumored to also be hit by missiles. I hate remakes.

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks for the reminder. We pretty much debunked that mythological plane crash in the earlier posts.

  5. Tom Dalpra

    I should have made it clear that Foo Dogs are an Asian thing.

    Foo Dogs are old guardians of Asian wealth. It would seem fair enough to consider that A Fu Foo club could be old Old boys of the Empire. Old guardians of Asian wealth.

    Whatever. Someone’s running psyOps involving Asian planes.

  6. Tom Dalpra

    I’m going to make a rather tenuous claim to have found flight MH370.

    Go to 30 seconds in the video below and pause it. Look top left. There appears to be a ‘finger’ of cloud or smoke heading downwards as if falling from the sky.…

    As this happens and we freeze the shot, the words FU and FOO are framed behind the lamp.
    It could read The Fu Foo Club.

    What could ‘Fu’ and ‘Foo’ mean? I wondered.

    Fu or Foo Dogs ‘who have traditionally guarded palaces, temples, tombs and homes of the wealthy’
    They are normally presented with one foot on what looks like a ball.…

    Looking back at the footballer statue in the freeze frame , it’s too neat to be an accident.

    So yeh, top left of these Match of the Day credits at about 31 seconds, I claim to have founf flight MH370.
    The Asian connection – it looks like a plane to me…or a missile… but MH370 fits the bill.

    Is there some sort of reward does anyone know?

    1. Banazîr Galbasi

      FOO = 666.

      Thats you’re reward too. 666 pence. Collectible when you retire, minus applicable taxes. Make sure you bring two forms of I.D.. Non transferable. This prize is not available to citizens of the United Kingdom or Quebec….


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