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Chris talks to Markus about the last epic raw call 115. Markus 0;doesn’t understand” what everyone’s problem with him is. I explained in a post why I am disturbed by his behavior. Clearly from our raw call most others have the same or similar problems.

* Duration 2:46h, Play Position: 39:37

* Published 7/16/14 9:00:00 PM

* Episode Download Link (76 MB):…

h/t Wade

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6 thoughts on “Help him figure it out

  1. Blue Moon

    Haven’t had the patience to listen to him at great length, what with that pseudo-pedagogic style of discourse he employs to get control of the discussion, but for a guy preaching health, why is he always eating at a small town diner where it’s certain the food is not fit for swill?

  2. khammad

    Why I might think Markus Allen of Truth in 7 Minutes is a sim:

    Markus Allen is all over the internet. He has a long history in giving advice. For such a public internet figure, relatively speaking, he has only 1 picture available with a google search. Only One Picture. You know the one, he’s wearing a red baseball hat and smiling. Kinda handsome.

    The rest of the google search on Markus Allens image reveals that the exact same image is altered in many ways, like making it black and white, framing, bordering, tone, effects, etc.

    “at my favorite restaurant ..” is a line heard often. It sounds contrived, a too convenient mode for relaying information.

    Markus Allen is involved in several bad-blood incidences. This is weird to be talking about drama as a grown up, but it follows Markus around. I feel weird now, thanks Markus.

    The Markus Allen entity lurks around the internet in obvious ways and gets called out. Seems he could have been more discrete. Could it be possible that he ‘gets caught’ in order to prove he is a real boy?

    The Markus Allen entity has promised to visit listeners and then reneged. This stopped the link between connecting his online entity to a human form.

    I have not made up my mind yet, because the Markus Allen entity does have a lot of personality. Maybe too quirky, but likable. It seems like a lot of effort would be needed to keep this sim alive. Like a whole agent, possibly, way too expensive. But then again, he has a lot of influence, so maybe it’s worth it. I don’t know.

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