Pseudoscience or liars in labcoats

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I was hoping to coin a new word, psyentist (which is used already), lientist, or fientist. These are the new high priests that give us our knowledge, and look and talk like real scientists. In fact, most of us wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the two of them. The legitimate, pure version of what we consider good science has been corrupted with money and propaganda so a whole generation will never be able to see the difference.

The two biggest pseudoscience areas I propose are nuclear physics and immunology revolving around and cancer. These two areas are stocked with liars in labcoats. In fact, wearing a labcoat and glasses is akin to putting the word LIVE on a TV screen. It instantly changes one’s perception of the information they are about to receive. It opens the mind up better than any hallucinogen and allows for the direct insertion of thoughts into the subconscious.

So why don’t real scientists speak out? How can they? The media is controlled. Their research dollars are controlled — both by the same institutions that exist to shape and move society.

The critical levers of society — NGOs, lobby groups, the media — are all controlled by the gatekeepers that control the money. Public funding of anything (the original crowdsourcing) is slowly being usurped by public-private partnerships, which in turn will be strictly private. The legitimate idea of having a collective own and run something, anything in society has long since been invaded and corrupted and its reputation destroyed. All that’s left is private, their solution, which is accountable to almost no-one, and boomerang! We revert right back to where we started hundreds of years ago with kings and dukes and serfs.

Guess which role most of us will play?

In short, energy (oil), science, money, and media (entertainment) are the nexus points that are strictly controlled by the Nutwork. All other areas can be left alone. Without these critical nexi, society cannot function. This is the ultimate in gatekeeping. This is conservation of resources, and this is why their can be so low. This is the definition of leveraged control.

Pseudoscience is a claim, belief or practice which is presented as scientific, but does not adhere to a valid scientific method, lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status.[1] Pseudoscience is often characterized by the use of vague, contradictory, exaggerated or unprovable claims, an over-reliance on confirmation rather than rigorous attempts at refutation, a lack of openness to evaluation by other experts, and a general absence of systematic processes to rationally develop theories.

via Pseudoscience – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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12 thoughts on “Pseudoscience or liars in labcoats

  1. CalcifiedLies

    The critical levers of society — NGOs, lobby groups, the media — are all controlled by the gatekeepers that control the money. Public funding of anything (the original crowdsourcing) is slowly being usurped by public-private partnerships, which in turn will be strictly private. The legitimate idea of having a collective own and run something, anything in society has long since been invaded and corrupted and its reputation destroyed. All that’s left is private, their solution, which is accountable to almost no-one, and boomerang! We revert right back to where we started hundreds of years ago with kings and dukes and serfs.

    Yes, this is exactly what is happening. Agenda 21 in a nutshell. Vicky Davis has some excellent writings on this particular aspect –…

    I am researching it from a slightly different angle, but it all ties into the pseudo-scientific dictatorship:

    Designing Generative Cities
    Cities of the future must be generative, finding the balance between technology, innovation, and inclusiveness. Our generativity matrix assesses a city’s level of urban intelligence relative to pioneering cities and provides a framework for devising policy initiatives that harness public-private partnerships to upgrade infrastructure and stimulate innovation. How can we use technology to create an urban operating system that promotes sustainability, economic growth, and enhanced citizenship?…;

    The brilliance of the plan is that as the western countries are steadily dismantled in favor of an eventual equilibrium with the rising east – like a teeter totter balancing – the citizens of the West become increasingly agitated with their governments, and thus become increasingly amenable to anti-statist, freeman, anarcho-capitalist, and libertarian rhetoric, which further creates subconscious space for the acceleration of multi-national privitization and the demise of the nation-state. Problem-reaction-solution, simple. Meanwhile eastern spiritual philosophy has been slowly dripped like an IV into the western world in order to provide an escape from an increasingly deteriorating real world situation. As Brzezinski puts it in Between Two Ages, “Buddism does not contain imperatives for social change but offers salvation from reality. Unlike Christianity, nirvana did not serve as a springboard for temporal activism”. And so it is likewise for China as its middle class is breathed into life via the Protestant work ethic.

    But not to worry, Bitcoin is going to defeat the NWO banksters before they will succeed:

    We’re trying to move Bitcoin, put it in the mainstream, bring it to the masses,” he said. “To do that, some things have to go by the wayside, and one of them is anonymity.” To create a Robocoin account, a user enters their mobile phone number at one of the kiosks. The machine sends a code to that phone and, after the user enters the code, they are asked to scan the palm of their hand.

    “Your phone is your user ID and your palm is your password,” Kelly said.

    The user is then asked to insert a driver’s license or other government-issued ID, further personalizing their account as well as providing Robocoin an opportunity to verify the user’s name against government watch lists for terrorists or others who may not legally do business in the machine’s home country. Then, the user takes a photo at the kiosk, which must be verified as a match with the picture on their ID card.

    Once their account is verified, a process Kelley said takes two to five minutes, they are free to buy Bitcoins at the kiosk. Customers may either transfer them to an account, using a private code the machine dispenses, or use a smartphone app to store them on their phone.

    Freedom = Slavery

  2. khammad

    Wow, so many great comments on this post. Ab, you hit a nerve.

    Is SCIENCE Controlled?

    Let us start with the science of nuclear bombs. Nuke Lies does a great job showing how footage is faked. The link below is a great resource for all things related to nukes. This site is a mix of CluesForum-like posts and Fakeologist-style questions like ‘what made you Interested in nukes?’…

    What we find out from Nuke Lies is that scientists are purposely separated and isolated from each other. This way, one nuclear scientist doesn’t know what the other nuclear scientist is doing.

    This is the process by which scientists can introduce fraudulent science: segregate scientists by the tiny niches in the larger field in which they are studying.

    When scientists are separated by niches, many times because of ’security reasons’, they lose the ability to conference and consult with each other, thereby relying solely on the other scientists’ expertise.

    The larger fields of science are separated as well. “I don’t know, that’s not my field” is a phrase I have heard several times.

    Really? Is there no curiosity for other sciences? Is there no knowledge built up even accidentally to make an educated guess? Scientists are trained not to interfere with each other.

    Concerning my own knowledge of science, it is difficult to separate science that I have experienced myself, and that science told to me.

    Of the science that is told to us, there are numerous accounts of fake science. Just one simple example is the planting of the Piltdown Man skull, which changed archaeology for a short time. Who knows, the Piltdown Man Hoax could have been a hoax.

    Stanton Friedman authored ‘Science Was Wrong: Startling Truths About Cures, Theories, and Inventions “They” Declared Impossible’. This book is full of examples of fabricated experiments and deliberate misinterpretations.

    If some science is fake, then I can’t trust my own knowledge.


    This really, really frustrates me, because wrong knowledge has the ability to distort reality. But there is hope of a greater understanding of our universe. If this fake science is like a net over actual science, pulling out a big peg near the edge of the net of fake science will help us uncover all the other fraudulent pegs. If we can look back in time and find the big pegs of faked science and pull them out, then we can correct our knowledge of how this universe works.

    Fakeologists and others are doing of great job of trying to pull out these pegs. Problem is, we are snubbed by real science and censored by the media. Our efforts are slow going.

    The fact that SCIENCE began the practice of isolating scientists in the first place is evidence of a grand plan.

    Some scientists are aware of the grand plan or at least part of it, so this is why, in my opinion, all the scientists that promote their different fake sciences also support each other. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is constantly propping up NASA fakery.

    Is science controlled? Yes, scientists are deliberately isolated, in order to make fake science. Dissenters are muffled by other scientists as well as the media.

    If you want to ask who or why, you can start with following the money.

  3. FauxCapitalist

    AIDS science fits the definition of pseudoscience, since the original papers claiming to show HIV as the probable cause of AIDS were shown to be fraudulent, with the lead scientist claiming that the cause hadn’t been determined, and Robert Gallo saying it had, and making an announcement days before the papers had even been published for peer review.

    In addition, the definition of AIDS varies whether you’re in the U.S., sub-Saharan Africa or the rest of the world. What other disease can you cross the border from the U.S. into Canada and suddenly lose your disease diagnosis? — But that’s the case with AIDS.

    And even within the U.S., they have changed the definition at least four times since 1985, and your HIV diagnosis is also dependent on where in the world you get tested.

    For more, see my one-hour talk on this when I was on Fakeologist Radio in September 2013. fauxcapitalist.files.wordpress…

  4. smj

    if anyone would like to listen to a condensed history of the nuke hoax and the radioisotope scam used in medicine, here it is from berkeleys own house historian of science, john heilbron. john writes books like the sun in the church and a biography of galileo. the title of heibron’s little presentation is called “big science and big bridges”. pay attention to the end– i think he uses the word pontifex (incorrectly) to describe the prolific bull science artists at berkeley.…

    from wiki:

    According to the usual interpretation, the term pontifex literally means “bridge-builder” (pons + facere); “maximus” literally means “greatest”. This was perhaps originally meant in a literal sense: the position of bridge-builder was indeed an important one in Rome, where the major bridges were over the Tiber, the sacred river (and a deity): only prestigious authorities with sacral functions could be allowed to “disturb” it with mechanical additions. However, it was always understood in its symbolic sense as well: the pontifices were the ones who smoothed the “bridge” between gods and men (Van Haeperen).

    The interpretation of the word pontifex as “bridge-builder” was that of Dionysius of Halicarnassus and Marcus Terentius Varro, while Plutarch derived the word from Old Latin potis meaning a powerful or absolute master, while others took it to come from potis facere in the sense of “able to sacrifice”.[7] The last derivation is mentioned also by Varro, who rejected it,[8] but it was the view of Pontifex Maximus Quintus Scaevola.[9] Others have held that the word was originally pompifex (leader of public processions).[9] The word pons originally meant “way” and pontifex would thus mean “maker of roads and bridges”.[9] Another opinion is that the word is a corruption of a similar-sounding but etymologically unrelated Etruscan word for priest.[citation needed] Yet another hypothesis[10] considers the word as a loan from the Sabine language, in which it would mean a member of a college of five, from Osco-Umbrian ponte, five.[11] This explanation takes into account the fact that the college was established by Sabine king Numa Pompilius and the institution is Italic: the expressions pontis and pomperias found in the Iguvine Tablets may denote a group or division of five or by five. The pontifex would thence be a member of a sacrificial college known as pomperia (Latin quinio).[12]

    The Roman title “Pontifex Maximus” was rendered in Greek inscriptions and literature of the time as “?????????” (literally, “high priest”|)[13] or by a more literal translation and order of words as “????????? ????????” (literally, “greatest high priest”.[14] The term “?????????” is used in the Septuagint text of the Old Testament and in the New Testament to refer to the Jewish high priest.

    these clowns truly think of themselves as a priestly class. i believe that anyone who does postdoc work on anything that has to do with the transmutation (let’s call it what it is) of elements is an utter fraud. shit, they admit it.

    1. ab Post author

      Is it too late for me to change my user name to Pontifex Maximus, or Pons for short? They both have that Latin flavor that I love. Great post thanks @smj let’s explore this in an audio I enjoy this research.

      1. smj

        it is catchy ain’t it– the clever devils.

        we might as well do an audio. we can now skip the formalities since calcified lies did his. i, too, grew up in north east ohio, and i have an economics degree as well, and i also know all about john von neumann’s creepy history.

        it’s a small, strange world.

  5. Joey Z

    Very nice piece, Tim. Markus was right…. You are en excellent writer 🙂

    It appears that the science of today has morphed into a collection of
    bodacious wives-tales…. and nobody seems to notice…nobody seems
    to care.

    BTW- I looked into the AIDS thing some seven years back…. The treatment smacks of modern bloodletting.

    1. Joey Z


      HIV = AIDS in no more real than the Moon landings, Al- Queda,
      Global Warming, the National Debt, the Hola-Hoax, Adam/ Gilligan
      Lanza, the Chupa fucking Cabra, the Michael Herzakhani Video, Those
      Amazing Sea Monkeys….etc.

    2. ab Post author

      Thanks Joey. There are many great human institutions that can be good, and are for a while. Then, the psychopaths and bullies move in and ruin it for everyone. Pseudoscience has overtaken real science, I’m afraid. That’s all a whole generation will ever know.

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