We BeLIEve in Science!

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Start at 2:24:00 to hear the latest mantra on embracing the new religion from presidential wannabe Liz Warren.

In the same audio, sadly, John and Adam are miles away from on faux flight .

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2 thoughts on “We BeLIEve in Science!

  1. smj

    liz is just doing her job. she comes from academe so she has to do her part of the sewing of the religion v. science dialectical straightjacket. a important work in this respect was written by andrew dickson white, the founder of cornell. it was entitled ” a history of the warfare of science with theology in christendom”.

    white carved out cornell as a space for science to flourish free from religious constraint, so the story goes.

    i think the science hustle has been with us longer that we think, perhaps, all the way back to thales.

    let’s take the nuke hoax and how it was hatched for example. i posted this little quote by the atom smasher’s homie from canton, north dakota, merle tuve.

    [laughs] We were old pals from ham radio days — “amateur radio” it was called then — back in 1914 and 1915. Ernie Lawrence got started with electronics in my dad’s basement — in our basement. We inherited a bunch of electronics equipment, so-called, from the Boy Scouts. My father [A. G. Tuve] was scoutmaster. The scouts got tired of it, and so it was left in our basement. Ernie and I have a long history together. He went to the University of South Dakota. Then I arranged for him to get a fellowship at the University of Minnesota where I graduated, and we were together again. Then he went off to Yale and I went off to Princeton — later Hopkins. When Ernie took a job as assistant professor at the University of California he paid me a couple visits at our Carnegie Lab and I told him — he was playing around with gyroscopes, high-speed spinning things — and I said he ought to pick out a subject with obvious expansion possibilities and not monkey around with this diddle here and that diddle there. I lambasted him like a good old friend and then told him: “The kind of thing we’re doing here may be hopeless — may be a heck of a long road — but it is worth doing, it’s obvious.” I’m sure he took it to heart. He was playing around with different things until the afternoon that he and [M. S.] Livingston figured out the cyclotron. Well, I’ll let you go ahead with your quizzing.

    i’d like you to pay attention to the institutions that old merle and the atom smasher were “working” at, carnegie, berkeley, hopkins etc..

    now i’d like you to recall that uranium was transmutated into plutonium for the first time in the historic room 307 in gilman hall at berkeley. berkeley’s famous campanile was 307 feet tall we are told. campaniles have a interesting venetian origin.

    (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Mark&…) think st. mark the evangelist- the winged lion and sundry bullshit.)

    well anyways, all the institutions mentioned above were basically founded by a fraud named daniel coit gilman. his goal was to “extend by minute accretions, the realm of knowledge”. sounds a little fabian doesn’t it. i think his real job was to obscure the true realm of knowledge. it turns out white and gilman were great friends at yale. they were both members of skull and bones of course, since gilman was a co-founder of the russell trust association.



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