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Bad Tenant, crusading girlfiend

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I read locally since local issues will hit my wallet first. Since I mainly work for the state (paying taxes), I need to be careful that I have enough money left over to eat.

One of the first things I look for is the numbers. This may seem silly, but I think we’ve seen enough of them to realise they are code if nothing else for shenanigans.

Up pops this innocuous story (not a crashing plane, but likely more important):

Bad tenant gets house arrest for fraud, forgery and bad cheques

Man with long history of fraud convictions pleads guilty to 10 of 66 charges, including forging documents and writing cheques to two landlords from accounts he knew were frozen.

The remaining 56 charges were withdrawn, including allegations Buttigieg defrauded two other major banks and the landlord and tenant board.

He will be under house arrest for the first six months of his sentence, then have a curfew for the remaining six months. He must also pay back $5,503 to one landlord, perform 100 hours of community service, have no contact with his former landlords, receive counseling and not be found with any financial documents not in his name.

Buttigieg told the Star he’s been seeing a psychologist for a year. (Who’s paying? -Ab)

He can leave his home to take his young daughter to school, work at a job his lawyer said he was recently offered and to go to court.

Buttigieg is facing 81 new charges, for a string of alleged crimes against his former fiancé that took place between September 2012 and November 2013. Those charges were laid in May and he is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 6 at 1000 Finch Ave. W.

In June, he was charged with violating his probation for failing to pay back $9,900 to a different former girlfriend, who he was convicted of defrauding in 2012. He is required to appear on those charges August 20 at 2201 Finch Ave. W.

via Bad tenant gets house arrest for fraud, forgery and bad cheques | Toronto Star.

This story and its numbers could mean:

  1. the court system uses occult numbers because they love occult numerology
  2. the story is a fake item, used as a noble lie to change laws
  3. a complete coincidence

Since I don’t beLIEve in coincidences anymore, we can strike #3. I leaned towards #2, but after watching his “girlfiend” in the video embedded in the above link I’m sure we’re dealing with a propaganda piece meant to change laws.

Bad tenant gets house arrest for fraud, forgery and bad cheques - Toronto Star 2014-07-23 13-07-57If you listen to the piece with even a bit of skepticism, you’ll agree either she’s an expert at PR or reading PR as an actor or she’s the most disloyal yet articulate and crusading girlfriend on the planet.

I have experience with this law that they wish to change. I’ve watched the kangaroo court that sits for landlords and tenants. It may need change, but once more, can we allow the media so many believe in to tell noble lies? I again answer NO we cannot, since it means we can never trust one byte of information that flows from them (especially since 9/11).

Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus.

So why publish this on a 9/11 blog? Why study 9/11? It’s because people need to understand that the media lies big and small. They cannot be trusted. They are NOT on your side. They are simply the main tool of the ruling classes in our allegedly free country to herd people and give them their thoughts. If you don’t think 911 affected you directly then maybe this small story will.

Propaganda is like a deadly virus: you don’t know you’ve been exposed to it until it’s often too late.

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Who runs our society?

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…and who do they pledge allegiance to? If those that control the nexi of our society are part of a secret society, does the public have the right to know? Does the public have the right to know what the secret society stands for and beLIEves in? What their endgame is?

Alan Watt thinks so.

5’5 Alan Watt on Investigative Journal w Greg Szy…:
Start at 6:22

Also in this interview cuttingthroughthematrix.com/tr…

Alan: That’s correct and that’s why you can’t have people who join organizations and swear oaths to keep secrets from everyone else and then put them into officialdom over the top of you.

Link to audio cuttingthroughthematrix.com/au…

From cuttingthroughthematrix.com/ra…

Staged accidents: noble lies for training

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Teen killed by GO Train had passion for riding scooters - Toronto Star 2014-07-23 05-32-35I am still convinced that many collisions, whether they be trains, planes, or automobiles, are for staged for EMS training. They are then portrayed as real events, and used as PSAs (public service announcements). (We know events are staged for insurance fraud all the time, be they big, like the WTC, or car collisions)

Here’s an odd picture, and an odd backstory. Are there really professional scooter riders? The photoslop looks like they found a hand of a burly carpenter. The head is too small for the body. I’ve heard of being awkward as a teenager…

Punkris said that Bailey was planning to pursue opportunities in professional scooter riding, and a career in carpentry. He was entering his last year of high school.

via Teen killed by GO Train had passion for riding scooters | Toronto Star.

I think they grabbed Mike Holmes‘ hand.


Even the comments are weak reinforcements of a fake event:

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