On waking people up

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This was quite a good interview 8 years ago. Here’s Alan Watt on waking people up.

Do you have any advice for me in approaching my Christian friends and relatives some who have a basic understanding of the but still think God is ultimately in control and Jesus will return to save us all from this mess and they will be raptured before it gets too bad?

Alan: Generally, I tell people that the chances of a person waking up are probably 1 in 5,000 and so the chances of two people in the same family waking up are very remote and I tell them try and use all your energy on people who are trying to wake up. Who have taken the first step and are asking questions and this is the real meaning. See this is an ancient system and that’s the real meaning in the New Testament where it says, 0;let the dead bury their dead.” What it was meant by most generations people are never really alive. They’re never conscious really of what’s their system and so you can’t expend all your energy in trying to save those that you naturally love first. It’s better to look for someone who’s trying to get up from the ground from being dead and then you can fill them in with the information that you know. That’s the best and I tell them around your relatives and friends don’t cause dissention. Try and live inside your head as best you can with the knowledge you have and keep it there. Don’t cause conflict. It doesn’t do any good.

Greg: Yes and you’re correct because this kind of information for example when you come forward with this is that it’s shocking to many people and it’s hard to accept. You can’t expect the person to accept it overnight if they’re blind to what’s happening before them. Now you are basing your stuff on a historical perspective. You’ve been talking about this for years and years and years. What position are we in right now as far as a population understanding what’s really happening to us or is most of our population still in the dark?

Alan: Most are still in the dark. They truly believe – you see Brzezinski in one of his books, “Between Two Ages” talks about the upcoming system, which is here now. He said the public are being trained into a certain way of looking at the world by the media, and he said, in fact, they’ve given over their ability to reason for themselves to the media. They believe that the media is there to inform them of everything they should know and so they’ve stopped reasoning or thinking for themselves.

So for the average person it’s impossible that that media and those familiar faces you see every night on television could be possibly lying to you. If it’s on TV it must be true, and if you’re telling them something that’s not on television, well you must be crazy. He talked about this system of psychological techniques in his own book. They KNEW they WERE creating a PUBLIC that WOULD NOT THINK or REASON for THEMSELVES.

In other words, they’ve been well managed. Most people now are socialized in a socialized system that Lenin talked about. They’re now well managed and most of them accept that they’re being managed by some superior types of intellects and it’s all correct.


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