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Ep118-Fakeologist Partyline

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I enjoy technology far more than psyops and hoaxes, even 9/11. I’m having fun with teamspeak and our new audio chat room. Tonight will be a further experiment with this technology. I will attempt to stream an audio chat session at starting around 9:11pm. Goto fakeologist.com/audiochat and attempt to setup your client end.

The neat part of audiochat is we have different rooms. You can talk with others “alone” in the rooms.

I will not be moderating this chat. Hopefully all will behave. All participants can record the conversation easily.

Let’s see if there is a link between anarchy and fakeology!

Guests: Derealium, Jan Erik, Psyopticon


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MH17 on their minds

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Just looking at my stats for this morning, it appears that the MH17 Psyop was clearly meant for the Dutch. Too bad their biggest Podcaster son Adam Curry thinks it was a real event. He really should study 9/11 and the famous Vicsim report of cluesforum.info. Make sure you listen to ep8-Johnny Clues for a great analysis of the fakery by JC, Banazir and Videre.