Ep118-Fakeologist Partyline

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I enjoy technology far more than and hoaxes, even . I’m having fun with teamspeak and our new audio chat room. Tonight will be a further experiment with this technology. I will attempt to stream an audio chat session at starting around 9:11pm. Goto fakeologist.com/audiochat and attempt to setup your client end.

The neat part of audiochat is we have different rooms. You can talk with others 0;alone” in the rooms.

I will not be moderating this chat. Hopefully all will behave. All participants can record the conversation easily.

Let’s see if there is a link between anarchy and fakeology!

Guests: Derealium, Jan Erik, Psyopticon


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3 thoughts on “Ep118-Fakeologist Partyline

      1. rgos

        Thanks for the invitation, Ab, but I don’t like the sound of my voice when I talk.
        Maybe when martial law is declared in Holland I might change my mind.

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