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Norway’s Newest Terrorist

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Passport Issued on 9/11/07, valid to 9/11/17.

Police Security Service (PST) shall not detected any sign of life from terrorist accused Anders Cameroon Østensvig Dale (35) for a long time.

Google Translate.

Lots of terror memes

  • “Red” Notice – Junglesurfer loves explaining the color red
  • a converted Muslim from Christianity
  • Sep 11 on passport
  • same first name as Anders Brevik
  • SDGT – a specially designated (designed) global terrorists
  • trained in favorite punching bag Yemen

h/t Jan Erik

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Wakker Nederlandse volk! – TweeVandaag 9/11 11 september 1-2 –

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I hope now that the Dutch masses are paying attention to a psyOp directed at them, MH17, they can revisit the 9/11 deception and learn how the media and deception work. It’s so important to study the template that the latest hoaxes are built on.

TweeVandaag 9/11 11 september 1-2 – YouTube.

h/t Rgos in the forums

Lottery for the county

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I can’t tell if this story is fake – I can only guess. I still read the story carefully, and I ask – who says that their lottery winnings will be good for their county? Who thinks/talks like that other than someone trying to deliver propaganda or PR?

I’m glad they’re not calling it a hurricane anymore, at least those that wrote this story.

“I said to myself, ‘This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time,'” Faith Schiabor said, describing a call she received from her sister Sigrid Endreson, who held the winning ticket for the Pick 6 prize. “With Sandy, with the economy today, everybody’s really hurting.

“This is definitely going to help everyone; it’s going to help Ocean County because most of us live here,” she said.

via Large Sandy-Struck Family Splits $20M Lottery Win – ABC News.

As I’ve stated before, I beLIEve most big lottery payouts are fake. Since they get a bit of media attention, they appear to promote good works. If you comb through some of my past lottery posts, it appears many big winners are promoting charity of giving away their money. Perhaps charities are hurting now more than ever and they need the PR?

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