1 thought on “Hope for the moony future

  1. psyopticon

    After studying the first of his videos, (see: here), it’s fairly clear as a fraud or psyop.

    In that first video, the background wobbles about impossibly, totally independent of the precocious child in the foreground. (Just like these psyop videos).

    So there’s a strong element of staging, here. Which undermines the whole innocence of it all. At a guess, it’s just another weird project of the Tavistock Network, to gauge our reaction.

    Furthermore, it’s possible, perhaps likely, that the child is just a CGI’ed creation. Normally, even the depraved mind-benders of the Tavistock Network baulk at screwing with juveniles’ minds (for fear of arraignment for child abuse).

    Much better, then, to computer-generate the little runt, no?

    If so, what a weird bunch we’re dealing with, ab irato! Agreed, Tom Dalpra? Videre?

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