Norway’s Newest Terrorist

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Passport Issued on /07, valid to 9/11/17.

Police Security Service (PST) shall not detected any sign of life from terrorist accused Anders Cameroon Østensvig Dale (35) for a long time.

Google Translate.

Lots of terror memes

  • 0;Red” Notice – Junglesurfer loves explaining the color red
  • a converted Muslim from Christianity
  • Sep 11 on passport
  • same first name as Anders Brevik
  • SDGT – a specially designated (designed) global terrorists
  • trained in favorite punching bag Yemen

h/t Jan Erik

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1 thought on “Norway’s Newest Terrorist

  1. Henkus

    Don’t know what to say.
    I know I should be scared shitless ,like a good human resource, of this very evil man.

    But since I know this is all theater i can even laugh about these ‘photos’ ,lol @ quality?

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