Wakker Nederlandse volk! – TweeVandaag 9/11 11 september 1-2 –

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I hope now that the Dutch masses are paying attention to a directed at them, , they can revisit the and learn how the media and deception work. It’s so important to study the template that the latest hoaxes are built on.

TweeVandaag 9/11 11 september 1-2 – YouTube.

h/t Rgos in the forums

2 thoughts on “Wakker Nederlandse volk! – TweeVandaag 9/11 11 september 1-2 –

  1. Henkus

    Yeah they show the ‘pentagon video’ here. The whole 10 frames?
    What happened at the pentagon made me question 9/11 from day 1.

    However, I am absolutely sure i had seen that pentagon video in early 2002 and it said 10 september in the bottom. Seems that this YT video has the letters/numbers removed from the pentagon video?

    By the way i see that when i watch that video on yt, september clues is listed as 3rd in line for suggestions.
    And yes i’m not logged in to yt. I don’t have a google account anyway.

  2. xileffilex

    The editor of the Volkskrant, stoutly defending the MSM’s reportng of everything n that video is now the mayor of Hilversum, where all those experts are poring over the contents of those mysterious coffins from Ukraine.

    The mayor of Hilversum has described remarks he made on Radio 1 in which he called for the deportation of Putin’s daughter, who is said to live in the Netherlands, as ‘not sensible’.

    Pieter Broertjes, the former editor of the Volkskrant newspaper, said he had made the comment ‘out of a feeling of powerlessness, which many people will recognise’.

    Maria Putin, 29, is said to live in Voorschoten, close to Wassenaar and The Hague, with her Dutch partner Jorrit Faassen. Faassen is said to have had senior roles in the Russian firms Gazprom and Stroytransgaz.


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