Feed him back some 9/11

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A user who wished to remain unnamed sent me some feedback containing this question:

Comment: I have been listening for a year now and am in agreement with 99.99%. I had someone asked me a question and I was curious if you know how to answer it. Here it is: If was a TV /hoax, why was it done so poorly? Why not create a plane to hit building 7 to alleviate the obvious problems associated with the collapse of that building? Why not create a clearly visible plane hitting the Pentagon, and release video of that event? Why not edit in actual plane wreckage at the Pennsylvania crash site? Why have the Pennsylvania crash at all?

I’ll leave this question open to discussion before I (re)answer it. If anyone wishes to join me in an audiochat to discuss it, wander over to our audiochat room and I’ll meet you there at a specific time. Remember, our audiochat feeds are found here. They are separate from our radio broadcast feed.

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6 thoughts on “Feed him back some 9/11

  1. UNreal

    The driving force in all glitches is damage control, active & passive.
    In my opinion, Shanksville never had to be activated to a great extent in their controlled opposition because the operation went so smoothly with building 7 & the impact on the pentagon.

    remember, what we mostly see is film, and they make them.
    we might get a video of a plane crash at the pentagon if necessary, either they have it already in their archives, or they’ll produce it anew…. best part is that this would probably come from some private person’s crappy camera or cellphone so they can really make it cheap,, muchmore..

  2. Carys

    1. As Khammad said, control. Green screening and media fakery etc. allowed for total control of how the psyop played out “live” on the day with little room for error.
    2. As rgos said, confusion. Any “mistakes” were intentional, part of the psyop, and were made to be found or to generate endless debate and rabbit trails.
    3. And as Blue Moon intimates: revelation of the method. When you tell someone what you are doing to them – lying to them, traumatising them, hoaxing them, toying with their psyche, taunting them with ciphers and thinly-veiled occult symbols – and they don’t notice, do nothing to stop you or don’t protect themselves from what you’re doing, you have gained their tacit acceptance and enslave them twice over.

    They’ve had a long time to perfect their art! As Sherlock Holmes says in the BBC TV series episode ‘An Empty Hearse’: “It’s their version of golf.”

  3. Blue Moon

    A trail of bread crumbs must be left so that the solution will eventually be reached (though not at the expense of the perps)- It does no good to throw a rock through someone’s window as a threat if the victim doesn’t eventually get the specific message of who threw the rock and why- Anonymous threats only cause chaos- Things could get too far out of hand- Specific threats keep the fear of leaving the pen in force- Plus, as I always preach, they need to confess in such a way as to relieve their own anxieties of having perpetrated such an inhumane hoax- The trick is to have enough time pass before a critical mass of understanding is reached- By then a new hoax will drop and ramp up the fear again- And on it will go…

  4. khammad

    Control, control, control.

    If all the videos were pre-made, then nothing is left to chance, except getting the news stations to play a certain video at the proper time.

    If we realize that news stations are routinely given videos to play (which the news station pretends they themselves put together) then it is not a hard stretch to imagine that this normal activity was also done on 911.


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