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Coincidentally, next I listened to Chris and John Adams deconstruct and help dismiss the 0;jews did it” slogan of the last post’s audio repeats.

I think John may be implying at 42:00 that this site thinks everything is fake, blindly like the sites that say jews are behind all evil. I really don’t want to give that impression.  Tell me if I am and we’ll see what we can do to convince otherwise.

John and I discuss The Jew Question.


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5 thoughts on “Hoaxbuster antidote

  1. FauxCapitalist

    Ab, you have said on several occasions that you don’t think everything is a hoax, but I can see how these hosts and others get that impression, based on your banners, blog articles and show descriptions.

    One way to dispel the notion is to retrospectively address past things you have considered as a hoax or likely hoax. For instance, what about the Rob Ford fiasco, where you thought Ford was set up with a fake pic?

    Regardless of whether some particular images or videos released to the public may have been altered in some way for whatever purpose, the events of the last year and a few months point to Ford being a genuinely uncontrollable crack addict and alcoholic, and he has been exposed in several videos since released to the public, and at best was exposed for political reasons, with claims of his drug use ultimately proving true.

    1. ab Post author

      There has been no evidence that has been presented that I’ve seen that has me convinced me that Ford is anything other than morbidly obese. I admit the psychic driving of the drug message is convincing even without any evidence of substance. Ford has been a staged side show as part of either a masonic humiliation ritual with Ontario’s master mason or a circus show distraction while city budgets are increased without debate or delay.

  2. khammad

    Are Jews a race?

    In the 1970’s there was a push in the media, and after-school tv shows, to show that Jews are a race because only Jews have Tay-Sacks disease. To share a genetic disease must mean they are a genetic race. Yes, this logic appears to be sound.


    Let us look at WHY Tay-Sachs disease is a Jewish disease.

    In 1881, ophthalmologist Waren Tay found that people with this disease had a red spot on their retina.

    In 1887, Bernard Sachs of Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, noticed cellular changes associated with the disease. ALSO, he noted that there was an increase in the disease prevalence in Ashkenazi Jewish people.

    Who is Bernard Sachs? If you associated his name with Goldman-Sachs, good job. They are related.

    Even though there are several groups that have an increased incidence in Tay-Sachs, the media still calls it a Jewish disease.

    Groups with a higher incidence of Tay-Sachs include French Canadians, Louisiana Cajuns and Ashkenazi Jews. Basically, this means genetically isolated populations seem to have a higher incidence of the disease.

    Let’s get back to Dr. Bernard Sachs, who made the pronouncement “Tay-Sachs disease is a Jewish disease’.

    From wikidpedia:

    Bernard Sachs, of the notable Goldman–Sachs family, is the son of Joseph Sachs and Sophia Baer.[4] His older brother Samuel Sachs was a co-founder of Goldman Sachs.[5] His eldest brother Julius Sachs was a notable educator at Columbia University and founded Sachs Collegiate Institute. His nephew, Ernest Sachs (1879–1958), also became a notable physician.[6]

    Bernard Sachs is from a pretty high-powered family. Forward to today, most major Jewish organizations have a page on their websites concerning Tay-Sachs disease. Just google ‘Tay-Sachs Jewish’

    One hit raises an eyebrow.


    The Center for Jewish Genetics relies heavily on Tay-Sachs disease to prove all Jewish people are genetically related.

    Back to Chris’s question: Are Jews a race?

    We have to decide if the numbers coming out of studies done by Jewish doctors and scientists are reliable.

    Bernard Sachs is an Ashkenazi Jew, and it was he who made the pronouncement that Tay-Sachs is an Ashkenazi Jew disease. Even though other groups also have higher incidences of this disease, the fact that the Jewish angle is pushed is suspect.

    Will it benefit Jewish people to be genetically related? They think it will. That’s why there was the media push in the 1970’s. The genetic angle is most certainly on the Jewish agenda.

    The deeper one goes, the more flimsy the arguments that support the Jewish agenda that Jews are a race.

    I must add that I believe in religious freedom for all, including Jews.

    1. richard benedict

      I have listened to this show for over a year and almost every show in the archives. It is an unfair overgeneralization to say that Ab and this site consider everything fake. Ab has stated repeatly he does not believe everything is fake. The problem is the opposition gives use so much to work with. I would “stay the course” Ab. Keep doing what you are doing. I am just delighted to have found like minded people. As Ab said, only a handful of us have ascended the mountain to the summit. But boy oh boy, what a unique and delightful collection of minds.


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