Truther break through – not

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Well, after hundreds of phone calls to CSPAN (and I’ve enjoyed most of them actually), Richard Gage finally made a guest appearance.

Sadly, it brings us no where to getting closer to the truth, which is of course the whole point of controlled opposition.

The group is correct in my opinion that the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. Sadly, the images we saw on tell-a-lie-vision were not the images of the actual destruction.

Instead, we get a Hollywool style scene that is exciting and scary enough to be worthy of any blow-em-up movie. Oh, and we get buildings being destroyed in 9 and 11 seconds. Only on TV could we get such conveniently coincidental numbers.

C-Span Hosts 9/11 Truther, Gives You All the Building 7 You Want | Mediaite.

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4 thoughts on “Truther break through – not

  1. Shady Pica

    I’m convinced Gage is an actor. He appears to be reading from a teleprompter from time to time, no? (watch his eyes). When one caller asked him about his degrees and qualifications – he appeared to slightly grimace and become uneasy. When he responded, I could swear he was looking over to a teleprompter. He then had trouble with his words and then retreated back to the same talking points as many of them do when they want to divert. I’ve seen callers on C-Span dismissed repeatedly. I think he is just steering the controlled demolition crowd and this interview shows just how controlled the media is. Thermite is a red herring. There are plenty of other things I could mention but there is not enough time in my day right now. Peace fakeys.

  2. khammad

    Is Richard Gage searching for truth?

    In a recent interview, Richard was irritated and asked Truthers to STOP RESEARCHING. “We know it all, we know how it was done and who did it,” boasted Richard about 911.

    By Truthers, I mean people representing Architect and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

    All that is left, according to Mr. Gage, is community outreach. He now expects Truthers to stop investigating 911 and instead, form groups to spread the word. Instead, we should knock on doors, hand out pamphlets at the mall, stand on street corners with signs, basically interrupt and irritate people who are going about their day.

    Why does Richard wants us all to stop researching? These Truthers are comprised of self-described engineers and science-minded people. Don’t they know that when new information comes to light, we must alter our views, form new hypothesis and take the investigation in a new direction. Is it possible to know that one knows all the information there is to know about a subject?

    According to Richard Gage:
    Truthers know it all.
    There is nothing left to learn.
    No others know more than Truthers.
    No future knowledge will ever be gathered.

    This sounds like Richard can see into the future? Right now, Richard Gage is not sounding very scientific. He wants us to take our present knowledge (mini nukes) and spread the word. Tell everyone that the Truthers have cracked the code to 911, and they will be at your doorstop/park/mall very soon.

    Here is their website if you need further convincing to participate in community outreach.…

    I have been involved in a few political campaigns knocking on doors, standing on street corners holding signs, etc. I have never met someone who was happy I stopped them to talk to them. Even supporters of my candidate were not happy to be temporarily detained. Most people hate to be stopped and most people hate to be the one to stop others.

    So, kudos to you, Richard Gage, for finding a way to stop a movement dead in its tracks. Mr. Gage has found out what people dislike and made sure this is the focus of the movement. Irritating others is the BEST you can expect from your involvement in the Truther movement if you follow Richard’s advice.

    I can therefore conclude that Richard Gage is not out to find the ‘truth’ but instead to bury it. The grave marker shall read


    Born 9/11/2001
    Died 6/26/2014

    On 6/26/2014, the webpage for formal community outreach was first put up, according to the Wayback Machine.

    1. khammad

      Below is a collection of points that concern me about the Architect and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Community Outreach website:…

      Really, “courageous volunteers”. This is a clear attempt to “stroke your ego”.

      What is this community reach program coming out of Architect and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AEf911T) really about?

      It is always good to know the author. David Fura, the admitted author of this webpage, has a military backgroud and is a computer engineer who makes chips. I have recently come to realize that 911 was a military operation. Hmmmmm.

      Exam the talking/teaching points in the graphic below. In addition to burying the truth movement, AEf911T are sealing the deal so that it can’t ever be exhumed.

      The more research I do about this, the more I am feeling like this new phase in the movement is not to get converts. Proselytizing is over. This new stage is to teach us all, truthers and sheeple alike, the official dogma.

      Society is now to learn The Official Dogma of the Truth Movement.

      I wonder if the upswing in shillery on this very sight is related to the shift in the messages coming out of AEf911T.

      Take a look at the graphic below.

      The first talking point is:

      ~ “If you look at the videos, you’d swear you’re looking at a controlled demolition. (When you say this, point to the brochure picture.)

      Notice how the talking point is phrased. They are TELLING YOU how to think. Not just sheeple, not just truthers, e v e r y o n e . The word ‘you’ is used 3 times. Twice for the sheeple, cuz I guess we is just a bit dumber than truthers. And once for truthers because they already believe, but I guess not enough.

      These talking points are not about facts or data. Their most valuable piece of evidence, videos, are not even being discussed. Just still pictures. You are only expected to agree.

      Here is a compilation of ridiculous wording coming out of AEf911T community outreach campaign:

      you’d swear … What really gives it away … point to the brochure … Literally … crushed its way down

      This really feels like the lowest denominator in wording choice. Am I in the movie Idiocracy?

      In case sheeple lose this next talking point because they are not smart enough, we get this type of simplification:

      ~ So, some external force took out the 81 support columns and replaced them with air molecules


      I’ll give you a moment to laugh

      Air Molecules, this is so dumb I can’t even find the proper words to make fun of it. External force, hmmmm, I guess mini-nukes is too much for a sheeple to handle the first time around.

      I wanted this post to be less sarcastic but it is difficult. I am very disturbed by this website. The more of it I read, the more I see the danger in it. Dangerous, outrageous and farcical, all at the same time.

      Near the bottom of this website, David Fura admits that the petition to get congress to re-investigate 911 is just a tool for “publicly visible” activities.

      I wonder if the horribly low turnout of their public meetings, like the one where Banazir went, is proof that the public is not going to them or supporting them. Now with this new campaign, AEf911T can fake the numbers and act like they have a following when they don’t. One might ask why AEf911T would want to do this. It gives them legitimacy in the eyes of current and future truth seekers. Truth seekers be warned, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth is where the truth goes to die.

      There is a disclaimer on the website, by the way. The petition gatherers in their videos are not AEf911T people, but a paid group from Oregon.

      Also disclaimed is the fact that if you sign an AEf911T petition, your email address is immediately put on a mailing list and you become:

      ~ formally part of the AE911T family and will be encouraged to volunteer eventually

      What the hell, I mean really, what the hell. Family . . . encouraged, did I just join the mob? Is this not deceitful? You think your signing a petition and you get all signed up in the movement?

      I like the word “eventually” , as in “your are not getting out of it, buddy”.

      I might think twice about adding my email to petition now.


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