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The Screamers of 9/11

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Simon makes it clear in one simple graphic that quite possibly all “victims” of 9/11 were fabricated. These photoslops are so obvious he calls them “the screamers”.

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Many thanks go to our fresh new member “Critical Mass” for reviving our 9/11 vicsim research. I have now compiled 43 examples of blatant & undeniably doctored images of purported 9/11 victims CURRENTLY FEATURED on the Official 9/11 National Memorial & Museum’s website.

As longtime Cluesforum members will know, the folks running that website have been playing monkey tricks on us ever since 2009 (as Hoi and I released the 80-page “Vicsim Report”) – and are evidently closely monitoring – and ‘tuning’ their website accordingly to – our Cluesforum research efforts. And yes, we can prove (with documented proof) that this isn’t just some sort of pretentious, self-important whim / or self-induced confirmation bias of ours. I will explain later on why I wrote “CURRENTLY FEATURED” in all caps – as there is, in fact, a lot more to be said about the below 43 examples. But for now, let’s just take a good look at them.

TO BE SURE, they are all currently published on the Official website of the 9/11 National Memorial & Museum at “Ground Zero” :

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