The Screamers of 9/11

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Simon makes it clear in one simple graphic that quite possibly all “victims” of 9/11 were fabricated. These photoslops are so obvious he calls them “the screamers”.

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Many thanks go to our fresh new member “Critical Mass” for reviving our 9/11 vicsim research. I have now compiled 43 examples of blatant & undeniably doctored images of purported 9/11 victims CURRENTLY FEATURED on the Official 9/11 National Memorial & Museum’s website.

As longtime Cluesforum members will know, the folks running that website have been playing monkey tricks on us ever since 2009 (as Hoi and I released the 80-page “Vicsim Report”) – and are evidently closely monitoring – and ‘tuning’ their website accordingly to – our Cluesforum research efforts. And yes, we can prove (with documented proof) that this isn’t just some sort of pretentious, self-important whim / or self-induced confirmation bias of ours. I will explain later on why I wrote “CURRENTLY FEATURED” in all caps – as there is, in fact, a lot more to be said about the below 43 examples. But for now, let’s just take a good look at them.

TO BE SURE, they are all currently published on the Official website of the 9/11 National Memorial & Museum at “Ground Zero” :

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9 thoughts on “The Screamers of 9/11

  1. I.D. Kanspier

    This is more screaming evidence that 911 is modern art. Sure, on some level we have shocking propaganda. On another, we have a corporate hoax. Still, on another, 911 teaches reason, logic, helps break the chains of belief and clearly demarcates a psyche chasm between those who are easily fooled and those with a balanced consciousness.

    All told, isnt 911 a series of questions? One gate to the next. A riddle, a puzzle, a social device. Ive said all along it helps to have a universal key….to be a locksmith; and that Mind Control knows that it cannot influence the emotional response of the enlightened; we have bigger fish to fry; black holes, torus structures, infinity,etc. however, I’m confident that embedded in the language of the esoteric wizards of the west, is a word/image play on existenstialism, binary logic, boolean logic, dualism.

    Between a 9 and 11 is a decade. a ten. one zero, one one. Zeros do not count. leaving one. only one. one world trade center. a unification of world finances, culture, thought, pysche. 911 is an idea. its just that, food for thought. a question. is it all horrible? is it sickening? does it truly come up in your daily activities to the extent that is controls you still? somehow i doubt it. That leaves us with the rest of the puzzle…..why does one fake pic have a friend or family member and one without? what is that message fellow fakery analysts?

    Is MC feigning the death of duality? or feigning unity and oneness? or both. It may help some of you to skip ahead a chapter or two in your cosmic journey. or bypass some gates. you choose your own path. The way is uncharted;)

    1. Anonymous

      Between 9 and 11 is 10.
      One Zero and one One.
      Zero and One = All Digital.

      2 00 1
      TWO thousand and ONE.
      TWO towers become ONE tower.

      9 + 11 = 20
      It was 19 years between 2001 and 2020
      2020 the year of covid 19.

        1. napoleon wilson

          also i know the wizard of oz is basic mk ultra ,jlb has researched oz as have i and odd t.v. and a number of other people have ,the return to oz is a must its 113 mins long ooh ha ha ha , also someone i cant remember who pointed out the original wizard of oz was reshown numerous times on 311 in the states ,hahaha ,

          href=”” rel=”nofollow ugc”>

          href=”” rel=”nofollow ugc”>

          href=”″ rel=”nofollow ugc”>

          Oz – The Land of Dissociation

          Ozma leads Dorothy to the Land of Oz – which represents the inner-psyche of the dissociated slave. Completely created and manipulated by the handler, Oz causes Dorothy to be a stranger in her own mind. The things she sees and perceives are a thoroughly distorted version of the reality lived by Dorothy at the mental institution.

          oh and if you want green cities why not use oz monarch program

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  3. farcevalue

    After listening to Chris Kendall discuss these photos, I can agree with the (devil’s advocate) possible explanation for these shoops being the intent to create portraits for the sims. It doesn’t explain why there are no links to full size photos or the improbably low quality of many of the thumbnails that are featured.

    Google provided this link in response to a search about the construction costs of the memorial:…

    It costs 60 million dollars a year to maintain and attracted 4.5 million visitors the first year, donchaknow? (Check it out, it’s like there is an esoteric numerical auto-populate feature).

    Evidently, maintaining a website with a full size photo archive costs 61 million dollars a year.

  4. khammad

    Loved the Screamers pics. It is sort of a picture hunt. Instead of finding bones in the pictures of trees, we try to find the flaw.

    At first, I could not find anything. It just looked ‘off’ to me. But then as I looked longer, I started to see the patterns of bad photoshop. It took several tries.

    Then, I think I am missing something else. I would love to see an answer key to the mistakes.

    I wish there was a Bad Photoshop primer.

    The graphic I found below is at least a start


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