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This is the aftershow of ep120.


Who? Khammad, Videre, Jan Erik, Shea

Khazars, Borat

<18:28:02> *** You are now talking in channel: 0;Lobby”
<19:34:49> “khammad”: Just let me know where you want to talk
<19:40:58> “[Ab on the go] Ab on the go”: Probably here
<20:28:16> You poked “khammad”.
<20:43:51> *** You are now talking in channel: “LIVE STREAM”
<20:46:44> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”:…
<21:03:01> “Fakeologist”:…
<21:03:38> “khammad”: Started at 24:35
<21:35:13> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”: Lloyds of london (1936)…
<21:41:16> “khammad”:
<21:49:16> “Dustyash”: god talk guys as always
<21:49:21> “Dustyash”: good
<21:54:38> “khammad”: Hi Videre
<21:55:00> “[Videre] Videre”: good talk tonight?
<22:22:21> “Dustyash”: I would love to listen to more but I need do to go to the market like the little piggy said lol,,,,, I maybe back later great discussion Videre and Khammad you girls make for a good show keep it up! you never can go wrong with Jan Erik as an added guest he is good to have on board. Cheers
<22:24:26> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”:…
<22:25:12> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”: “Parents in communities across the country live in fear. An estimated 90 percent of school districts have tightened security since Newtown – installing metal detectors, surveillance cameras, and bullet-proof glass. Schools now routinely have lockdown drills reminiscent of Cold War air raid drills.”
<22:25:58> “khammad”:…
<22:27:32> “khammad”: 44, nice occult number
<22:28:01> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”: *Thirty-three shootings (75 percent) involved an assault or homicide; of these, 12 incidents resulted in at least one homicide. In 11 incidents, the shooter attempted or completed suicide — in 4 incidents after shooting someone else. In 4 other incidents, no one was injured.
<22:29:41> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”:…
<22:31:53> “khammad”:
<22:32:11> “khammad”:
<22:42:18> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”: Gunmen kill at least 33, including 29 women, in attack on Baghdad compound…
<22:44:44> “Banazir Garibaldi”: have not!
<22:45:28> “khammad”: hi ban
<22:55:18> “[Videre] Videre”:…
<22:56:43> “khammad”:…
<22:57:49> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”:…
<22:59:35> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”:…
<23:06:17> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”:…
<23:07:45> “[khammad1] khammad”: videre, do you have to do Something to let me talk, my computer died and i am on my phone
<23:10:11> “[khammad1] khammad”: jan, can you ask videre to give me talk power
<23:36:47> “[Videre] Videre”:…
<23:37:51> “shea”: is it ok to join in?
<23:39:55> “shea”:…
<23:48:17> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”: President George W. Bush used the term Axis of evil in his State of the Union Address on January 29, 2002, and often repeated it throughout his presidency, to describe governments that he accused of helping terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction. , Iraq and North Korea were portrayed by George W. Bush during the State of the Union as building nuclear weapons. The Axis of Evil was used to pinpoint these common enemies of the United States and rally the country in support of the War on Terror.
<00:05:58> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”:…
<00:07:40> “khammad”:…
<00:09:27> “[Jan Erik] Jan Erik”:…
<00:09:30> “khammad”: not
<00:40:16> “khammad”:
<00:58:38> “khammad”: Cautionary Tale: Don’t EVER open the door to the FBI.  Instead, meet them at a Starbucks with your lawyer.
<01:15:22> “shea”:
<01:24:58> “khammad”:…
<01:27:00> “khammad”:…
<01:30:07> “khammad”: Red Ice Radio  Bosnian Pyramids

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3 thoughts on “Audiochat-Aug7-8/14

  1. Shady Pica

    I agree with SMJ. I’ve noticed a few members like to promote that the idea people rarely get killed. I hear things like “we are not wired that way”. It disturbs me when I hear such uninformed statements. I’m not implying that these members are being underhanded or clandestine. They most likely are going by their own experiences which appear to be those of people who live fairly safe and happy lives.

    It happens often in NYC. I’ve seen a guy get shot two blocks from where I used to live. I know another guy who was murdered in a road rage incident (they didn’t know each other). I’ve come close to being killed myself. I was stabbed in the forearm back in 97 (never knew the guy). I know another guy who used to be a bouncer that killed two people (he went away to prison and got out-he didn’t know them until he killed them in a claim of self-defense- which he lost in court). It’s especially crazy driving on the road here in NYC – if you cut the wrong person off – they chase you down and threaten you with violence. I could cite quite a bit more but my point is that human beings will turn to violence when they are being oppressed or abused. When they are stacked on top of each other, manipulated by the superior people through their individual lives, the media and economy–they become psychologically conditioned and accept violence as the solution to their problems.

    Look at what is in the media. Violence and more violence. Albeit that most of it is fake, it is a conditioning tool that I see is causing our population to become more and more scared. However, I have seen that it can have the reverse effect on people who are not scared easily. What is the basis for violence? It is fear. Listen to Yoda (grin). A person backed up into a corner that truly has a fear that he is facing death is likely to behave violently to defend himself. I person that is scared–will die. When I say “scared”, I don’t mean having a healthy fear (many fears are healthy).

    I don’t trust much of anything anymore except my own personal experience so I don’t expect anyone to believe anything I say. Sometimes all a man has is his word.

    I enjoy this site as much as a few others but I try not to play any gotcha game with anyone and don’t really have time to do any thorough research. If I do I will try and contribute. This is one of the places I come for therapy. Thanks to all my fakas and fakarettes. Peace.

    1. khammad

      This is what I understand about “we are not wired that way”:

      First I want to define what I mean by WE and PEOPLE.

      We/People definition: next door neighbors, coworkers, peers, NOT skilled/trained killers, lettered agencies or governements.

      Videre (If I may speak for you darling) and myself, when we say “we are not wired that way” this is what we mean:

      Generally, people are not wired to do MASS homicides. People are not wired to sit in their basement and come up with plans to kill a whole bunch of people for no other reason than to want a whole bunch of people dead, i.e Anders Behring Breivik, Adam Lanza, Cho Seung-Hui, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, William Unek, Campo Elías Delgado, Jeff Weise, Woo Bum-kon, Martin Bryant, Ahmed Ibragimov, Baruch Goldstein, Robert Bales, Omar Thornton, Nidal Malik Hasan, James Holmes,[13] and Elliot Rodger.[14] — Wikidpedia (Mass Murder)

      There could be a psychopath who is planning or has done MASS murder, but generally, no. I feel like the appearances of the numerous cases of MASS murder by individuals is waaaay above the expected range. This is just one more nail in the coffin in showing fakery in the media.

      People DO kill people. Happens all the time. I have seen 5 people get shot in a night club. Motive is key. The shooter was despondent after losing his wife, then job, so he showed up at the night club to settle a score. He was aiming at his ex-wife and her sister. The others were collateral damage.

      Governments kill LOTS of people. Skilled killers also kill LOTS of people.

      Does you agree the above described definition of “we are not wired that way”?

  2. smj

    muricans love to shoot each other– we do as we are told. we follow the directions that tv and music give us.

    for example, my freshmen year of college i was shot in lynchburg, va.; a buddy of mine was shot in the belly in chelsea, ny.; another buddy was jacked at a car wash in newport news, va., a fella put a gun to his head and was demanding something or other until his big brother shot dude in the face. all this shit went down during christmas break our freshmen year, 1990– and we went to a decent school (if you still believe in schools).

    don’t get it twisted– people do shoot strangers. more than y’all apparently would like to believe.

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