ep1-Rollo Show

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Sorry for the delay but this one was a doozy – in so many ways.

This one will take you all day – literally – to get through.

The first half is the show, and the second half or so is a lively aftershow.

I think there will be many aftershows of many of these calls. In fact, they may become the highlight of all fakeologist radio co-op audios.

Clearly, there are many, many talented and clear headed and speaking fakeologists, and those are just the ones we’ve heard from so far. It’s also clear that fakeologists as a group have a need to talk, since we’re mostly mutes in our own society!

How unfair is it that the smartest group in our society are muted? Soon, those that ignore our group will be coming to us apologizing for ignoring our ability to see past the scrim.

Rollo is no mute. Enjoy his inaugural show. Rollo, will we see you back this Sunday at 9:11 pm EDT?


If anyone is interested in creating some show notes, please leave them in comments. This audio is full of keywords.

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