Audiochat Aug8-9/14

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Who? Banazir, Ab, Psyopticon, Shea

<19:29:25> 0;psyopticon”:…
<19:49:14> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: What happened to rooms 33 and 47, did they burn down?
<19:49:30> “psyopticon”: hehe!  arson attacks!
<19:49:39> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Perhaps in a pier fire.
<19:49:58> “psyopticon”: God knows.  Tim has been in and out – there was some issue with a checkbox that brought it down.
<19:50:12> “psyopticon”: controlled maybe.  with or without mini-nukes?!
<19:51:31> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: I hope they were heavily insured.
<19:51:40> “psyopticon”: Rooms 33 and 47?
<19:51:44> “psyopticon”: Or the pier?
<19:51:54> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: All of them.
<19:51:57> “psyopticon”: Are you in britland then?
<19:52:18> “psyopticon”: The pier story is pathetic really.  The damn things keep catching fire, and nobody bats an eyelid!
<19:52:32> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: No, Canada. Near Vancouver.
<19:52:43> “psyopticon”: Ahh. must be very boring for you, reading about silly brit , then?!
<19:52:48> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Part of the scenery.
<19:54:21> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: I find the smaller ones fascinating too because one wonders how much effort goes into them for one or two days worth of “media coverage”.
<19:55:32> “psyopticon”: definitely yes. I’m not sure that silly pier fire was just about insurance scam either.   Possibly it was mainly done for the sheer bedevilment of it.   The devil finds work for very bored technicians.   What else can they do with their time?!
<19:55:38> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Then they are forgotten to time and what was the point? Maybe training? They gotta start their young budding psyopticians off somewhere.
<19:56:46> “psyopticon”: yeah, maybe.  Like anyone really cares that much about a creaking, rusting obsolete Victorian structure.  The other side of it is how silly to actually set the thing ablaze.  Is that the only way to find repair funding for it?!
<19:57:19> “psyopticon”: Is government so screwed up that you have to pull off a crazy – and potentially very dangerous psyop – just to get grant funding for an historic building?
<19:58:14> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: So when an insurance scam is inferred is it the insurance company who is supposed to get the shit end of the stick? It sounds that way but I’m sure they make it back in dividends and then some.
<20:00:55> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: It seems that way, like they have to outsource just to get a cheaper deal. Perhaps they really do have a budget but the psychological effect (whatever it may be) must be first and foremost I imagine.
<20:01:39> “psyopticon”: At a guess, the scam is on the “Names” or the members who underwrite the risk.  They’re just told that there’s been (e.g.) £20m of damage, and they’re expected to pay out.  With the penalty of law if they don’t. Parliament has afforded Lloyds (the largest insurance market) special privilieges to recover debts from underwriters).   Interestingly the spread of underwriting was very wide. .Which is the case for most psyops (e.g. the Titanic).. spread the risk across as many underwriters as possible, — no point gouging just a handful of people, who might try to conceal their assets to avoid paying up.  Better to sped that risk across thousands of people. screw them for a few quid each..
<20:02:07> “psyopticon”: sped=spread
<20:02:50> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Chat?
<20:40:13> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Sorry I may be a little while. Got my two little ones around me now. Ill comeback on when I can.
<20:42:51> “psyopticon”: mp wprroes!
<20:42:56> “psyopticon”: no worries, even!
<20:47:47> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Looks like room 33 had insurance after all!
<20:50:23> “psyopticon”: that sucks!
<20:54:44> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Hey, no girls allowed!
<21:14:08> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Blood testing potential fathers
<21:14:15> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Beat me to it.
<21:14:38> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Maury Pauvich over here.
<21:14:46> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Povich
<21:20:54> “Fakeologist Streamer 3”:…
<21:21:02> “Fakeologist Streamer 3”: Can you guys talk about this post?
<21:21:13> “Fakeologist Streamer 3”: echo echo
<21:22:57> “Fakeologist Streamer 3”: ban turn your tablet to push to talk
<21:23:06> You poked “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”.
<21:26:14> “Fakeologist Streamer 3”: You are my fake puppets I pull the strings
<21:27:21> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Yes master.
<21:28:05> “Fakeologist Streamer 3”: Markus did great analysis on the latest Hoaxbusters
<21:28:16> “Fakeologist Streamer 3”: get it while it’s still free
<21:36:10> “Videre”:…
<21:37:26> “Fakeologist Streamer 3”: there are listeners please put links in as well
<21:44:05> “[Dustyash] Dustyash”:…
<21:48:15> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Forgive my wind in the willows reference
<21:50:13> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”:…
<21:50:29> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Was the plague a hoax…
<21:54:16> “[Dustyash] Dustyash”: i have to go for bit here I will back later
<21:55:59> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Hey, where’d my entertainment go?
<22:36:31> “[Ban’s Tablet] Ban’s Tablet”: Sars hoax
<00:04:17> “psyopticon”:…
<00:16:05> “[Dustyash] Dustyash”: hello just listening in for now cheers
<00:16:23> “CalcifiedLies”: cool join in whenever dusty
<00:16:44> “[Dustyash] Dustyash”: thanks
<00:18:25> “psyopticon”:  (mysterious press errors in hendrix’s age)
<00:20:26> “psyopticon”:  (another age disparity article on hendrix)
<00:26:01> “psyopticon”:… (first article that i can find which references leon hendrix, jimi’s apparent brother)
<00:43:57> “psyopticon”:… (Leon Hendrix talking about the spirit of his brother, at the back of the club, “or is that a mirror” ?!)
<00:59:37> “psyopticon”:…
<01:21:06> “shea”: sound down guys.
<01:22:17> “shea”: back again.
<01:54:42> “Videre”:…

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  1. khammad

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