ep121-Fakeologist Review w/Audiochatters

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Chitty Chat time: Saturday, August 9, 2014 7:11pm

I’ll review the last bit of exciting time here at fakeologist.com with anyone on audiochat.fakeologist.com.




<18:52:15> *** You are now talking in channel: “Lobby”

<18:54:32> “[Evil Edna] psyopticon”: Hi, Ab.

<19:01:17> “[Evil Edna] psyopticon”:
@Rollo:   The Cimino interview with Friend is a bit slow getting going.  You got to his / endorsementyet?

<19:02:58> *** You are now talking in channel: “LIVE STREAM”

<19:20:14>“I.D. Kanspier” pokes you: yello

<19:20:46> “Rollo”: ab bet you dont know what you’re taling about….haha Jk

<19:34:02> “Rollo”: marku$ says we’re not real….*sniff*

<19:47:25> “[Evil Edna] psyopticon”: At 41m30s, John Friend and Dennis Cimino finally discuss Hoi Polloi’s and Cluesforum….

<19:52:11> “[Evil Edna] psyopticon”: Dennis Cimino:  0;We’ve positively identified that every bit of the [“live 911″] video was fake.”

<20:04:50> “[Evil Edna] psyopticon”: Cimino claims that whatever hit the Pentagon (if anything; a missile he says) left measurable traces of depleted uranium (DU)..   Not clear why he finds that DU evidence any more credible than anything else.

<20:17:31> You poked “[Evil Edna] psyopticon” with message: want to talk?

<20:18:00>“[Evil Edna] psyopticon” pokes you: Hi Ab, sure!

<20:18:15> “Fakeologist H8”: ok unmute

<20:19:52> “Ban On The Run”: Play the ‘who’ bumper…

<20:21:47> “[Evil Edna] psyopticon”: More of Cimino’s terrorising nukular fixation @ 1h47m into that John Friend interview… “we have a raging problem with . In my opinion it is an extinction global event.  Which will terminate all life on this planet probably in the next 20-30 years, tops.”      **yawn**

<20:25:01> You poked “Banazir Garibaldi” with message: send the upgraded who file

<20:25:10> “Ban On The Run”: One is a wachowski sister now

<20:25:19> You poked “[Evil Edna] psyopticon” with message: what’s wrong with your mic?

<20:25:35>“[Evil Edna] psyopticon” pokes you: seems okay, no?

<20:30:15> “Ban On The Run”: Musical version!

<20:30:51> “Ban On The Run”: In your sync is version 2

<20:31:40> “Rollo”: heers

<20:32:10> “Rollo”: my c doesnt work well

<20:32:19>“Ban On The Run” pokes you: version 2 is in your sync folder

<20:32:34> “Rollo”: take 2 : cheers

<20:34:19> “Rollo”: 10:33:46 – “Ban On The Run” pokes you: tell ab to play the music version of gage..

<20:36:12> “[Evil Edna] psyopticon”: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Have_I_G…

<21:11:28> “[Evil Edna] psyopticon”: Australia’s exports of uranium to Russia maybe be stopped (on-cue, top-up hoax!)  www.theguardian.com/world/2014…

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