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If you believe that the Trayvon Martin trial was nothing more than a made-for-TV white-on-black hoax, then you’ll have to question the latest conflict to headline the news based on this story:

Trayvon Martin family attorney to represent slain Missouri teen

Surely there’s a more local attorney available for this case? Who would pay to bring an attorney cross-country to represent them? A logical fakeologist view would be that it’s more sensible to use an already established liar-for-hire actor who is familiar with psyOp hoaxes.

via Trayvon Martin family attorney to represent slain Missouri teen.

I have read nothing about this case nor do I intend to. Since I rarely believe in coincidences, I am more likely to accept this is nothing more than a fake story that will recycle memes and actors like a traveling circus.


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2 thoughts on “Save on actors

  1. FauxCapitalist

    Any specific evidence to suggest this was a hoax? Lots of evidence of it being a psy-op after the fact, however, with the mass media circulating a picture of Trayvon when he was a young teenager, the misleading splicing of the audio of the 911 call to make it seem like Zimmerman was racist, and calling Zimmerman White, despite being him being Hispanic, where the U.S. Census definition of Hispanic applies to all races.

    Not hard to believe this was real. The only particularly suspicious thing I’ve seen that could indicate a hoax is when Zimmerman was reportedly arrested for domestic abuse, but since nothing much came out of that, I revert back to concluding it was a real event used as a psy-op after the fact, until compelling evidence surfaces otherwise. To presume this was a likely hoax downplays the significance of blatant hoaxes like the Boston Marathon bombings.

    1. straightfromthedevilsmouth

      I think they’re all hoaxes, made to create a racial divide. And boy is it working. The awkwardness between white and black people has never been so high, even if it is unspoken.

      Here’s a good breakdown on why Trayvon Martin is fake:

      I do believe they use real events and twist them to fit their agendas. But for the huge stories like this, they would never risk a real story getting in the way of what they want.

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