Audiochat Aug 12-13/2014 1/2

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Who? Jan Erik, , Ab, Rollo, PsyOpticon

What? The only illness is malnutrition
Everything is reversed-inversion
Total spectrum dominance



<09:32:31> 0;Jan Erik”:…
<10:13:49> “UNreal”:…
<10:40:52> “UNreal”:…
<10:50:16> “psyopticon”: Hi Guys, thanks for the invite, Jan.  Can’t talk right now; people with me.
<10:50:42> “Jan Erik”: ok :-d
<10:56:06> “psyopticon”: In UK, open/free water sources (public wells, aquafers,etc) are being capped by the Government, on the grounds of public health.  We MUST buy water from giant private corporations.
<10:57:43> “psyopticon”: Locally, a “public” water source – crystal clear well fed from a mountain stream has just been capped by Princes Group (food giant, part of Mitsubishi Corp)
<11:18:24> “psyopticon”: Weird 2007 article on the WIlliams family, and Robin’s (simmy?) brother who “died during open heart surgery”..…
<11:38:46> “UNreal”: Eustace Mullins “death by injection”
<11:44:37> “psyopticon”:
<11:46:19> “UNreal”: 7:22
<11:46:38> “UNreal”: Oslo Time Out !
<11:55:43> “UNreal”: Bin Laden !
<11:58:24> “UNreal”: lady Die Do dy
<12:01:11> “UNreal”: laDy Dy Do Dy
<12:28:44> “UNreal”:…
<12:37:31> “UNreal”: health
<12:37:34> “UNreal”: food
<12:37:43> “UNreal”: aging=illness
<12:38:54> “psyopticon”: Here’s the Yvonne Fletcher…

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1 thought on “Audiochat Aug 12-13/2014 1/2

  1. khammad

    Guide to the Psyopticon Shillery Event

    1) Audiochat Aug 12-13/2014 ½
    8/12/14 This is the original audio where Psyopticon’s voice allegedly changes
    2.28.40 “Say guys, hh hi there Unreal and Rollo and uh Ab, how’s things? I uh era ok , I’m looking at yer sss excuse me for my ignorance Unreal, Im looking at you’re um your flag >>>>>>>>>> you know your national flag on your um name you’re your name >>>>>>>>>> what is that, like blue white red, blue white rr orange”
    (Between the arrows is where the alleged voice morphing takes place)…

    2) Audiochat Aug16-17/2014 – ep 122 Afterparty
    8/17/14 This is the audio where Peter Shea confronts Psyopticon for his voice morphing
    Starts at 3:51:25…

    3) Examining Shill Tactics

    8/20/14 This is the video Khammad did highlighting the voice morphing

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