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Meet Mitre and the genesis of the 9/11 hoax

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Hoi Polloi of cluesforum.info linked to his brilliant research page that is full of the history of the spooks who helped create the 9/11 simulation.  How I missed this great research paper shows how much material there is at cluesforum.info. The site is so much more than “everything is fake”, the simplistic label detractors try and attach to the brilliant research there.

The paper is hard slogging, but worth trying to understand. Top military minds and dollars were behind the simulation. It was not a simple “the media did it” event.

It is unlikely that we will ever uncover a full and complete list of those who — for whatever personal reasons — contributed time and effort to the sinister magic trick of 9/11. However, without the existence of discrete and persistent social networks which skirt the scrupulous nature of responsible living, its success as a lie would not have been possible. We could go into an endless argument about the personal choices of those involved, and discuss how humans justify to themselves their own behavior, but those arguments – of course – are themselves self-justified and circuitously reasoned. Instead, I would like to share some clues into the nature of these persistent groups, as far as I’ve been able to isolate them, as well as my speculation given what we know about the 9/11 lies.

via Historical Development Leading Up To 9/11 As A Hoax.

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Will this stop texting and driving?

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Texting while driving is far more prevalent than drinking and driving. It is for this reason that authorities are doing whatever they can to stop it. The fine in Ontario is now $280. I doubt this will have an impact. Jail time might, but isn’t that extreme? I suppose not for the damage NOT paying attention on the road can do.

So what does a ruler who wants to create change do? A noble lie fake story, perhaps?

A 33-year-old man is in critical condition after being stabbed in the heart near Yonge-Dundas Square Wednesday morning after he bumped into two men while he was texting, police say.

Paramedics were called to the scene at around 12:30 a.m on Wednesday and transported a male victim to hospital with life threatening stab wounds.

According to police, a confrontation started after the victim bumped into one of the two men while he was texting.

via Toronto man stabbed in the heart after bumping into someone while texting: police | canada.com.

As usual, no details, magic numbers, bad imagery, middle of night, no security footage. You know the drill.

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Audiochat Aug 12-13/2014 2/2

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Robin Williams Walk of Fame

Robin Williams Walk of Fame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who? Psyopticon, Rollo, Ab
What? Jimi Hendrix Hoax, Robin Williams media event


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