Motown blast – Controlled demolition of the day

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After watching Requiem for Detroit, I couldn’t help but post this video of the destruction of the Hudson building in Detroit in 1998. It’s an instructional preview of media, anchors, building destruction, asbestos, dust clouds, dispersing crowds, reporters at ground zero – all the elements of the event.

I don’t know if all of this footage and sound is real (screams at 7:20 sound odd), but I found it amusing to watch the anchors and their dust masks. If the dust clouds were real, I wonder if any of them were lifted for the media event dust movie sequences.

At 10:22, they even refer to the demo site as 0;ground zero”.

You could call this clip predictive programming. The perfection of the top-down implosion, apparently not damaging neighboring buildings, is another tribute to CDI, who no doubt were responsible for the WTC destruction.

0;We are a part of history” … “Motown blast”

One wonders why it’s hard to find (if you can, let me know) anyone from officially commenting on the WTC destruction.

There’s this youtube of an alleged former employee of CDI, but he looks oddly disguised, and cannot be verified at all.


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6 thoughts on “Motown blast – Controlled demolition of the day

  1. khammad

    Consider these two views:

    There is NO WAY 2 buildings came down by fire in the middle of a city.

    ONLY 2 buildings came down by mininukes in the middle of a city.

    They are BOTH SUPPORTED by the same 911forTruth group. Are not these mutually exclusive ideas?

    1. khammad

      This video does something very strange at 4:02. I have never seen this type of error before. Embedded into the video is what appears to be ‘fast-forwarding’. This is like we are watching a video that is watching a video fastforward at parts. I hear the voices speed way up, and I see the video skip forward at the same time stamps each time I watch it.

      Why would King5tv in Seattle make such a mistake and embed the fastforward into the video that they post on their own website?


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