ep122-Hoi Polloi and Cluesquiz #1

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When? Saturday, August 16, 2014 7:11pm EDT

Who? Hoi Polloi of cluesforum.info

What? Cluesquiz #1



Kildare Irish memorial

CLUES-QUIZ: THE FAKE QUIZ SHOW #1: ’s Historical Development
The prizes are not real, everyone’s a winner, and everyone is encouraged to do their own research on all topics, anyway — the hosts do not guarantee facts are factual or information is informational. Relax from the pressure to believe anything, especially what you are told, and have some fun with Ab and Hoi! 😛
Best Prize Choice: A round trip all-expenses paid vacation package to Mars
2nd Best Prize Choice: A one-way ticket to Mars with a politician of your choice
3rd Best Prize Choice: A live visit to the Titanic with James Cameron and his bodyguards
The first 9 questions alternate between guests
Then, the 10th is given to the contestant with the least points
The 11th is special in some way
[In this case, the 11th question was actually a 12th question! Oooo, !]
On a turn, the contestant can do whatever they need to do to answer, including call a friend, use the Internet, speculate, make something up, ask the hosts for a hint or whatever. If contestants are unsure, they can always choose the answer 0;The premise of the question is false” for 1 pt. Other correct answers receive 2 pts.
1. On September 11, 2009, what is *reported* to have happened among these events?
A. Colin Powell *in Shanksville* gathered with a few thousand family members  and friends of victims to state, “it is now our moment to act by marching steadfastly toward the goal of completing a memorial to these heroes of 9/11.”
B. Barack and Michelle *read the names* of 2,750 victims from the lawn of the Pentagon as it rained on the procession, and stated “Let us renew our resolve against those who perpetrated this barbaric act and who plot against us still”.
C. Jo Biden, during the reading of the names *at Ground Zero*, reported that “there’s a special fraternity for those of us who’ve lost spouses and children.”
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER: C. In fact, the gathering of only a few hundred people was supposedly all that showed up to represent almost 3,000 families at Ground Zero. This is an approximate average of 1 friend or family member for every 10 alleged vicsim portraits. They were the ones who are reported to have read the names aloud, though we can’t know because civilians apparently did not investigate the service, and Biden is said to have interjected during a lull in the bell tolls that everyone there (which should have numbered in the tens of thousands but was reportedly a little over 200 actors) belonged to a special fraternity.
2. In “Pull It!” the sequel to the , how many vicsim pages did Hoi Polloi report missing from the CNN memorial?
A. Two
B. About five dozen
C. Almost a hundred
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER: B. 58 pages turned up “missing page” html pages upon clicking on their name in the official CNN list, almost 8 years after the event took place. To this day, nearly 13 years after the event, the errors are not corrected and pages are not restored. The only thing that has changed about the missing pages is the CNN branding on their default “missing page” template.
3. How many vicsim names are missing a confirmed death certificate on file with the Social Security Death Index?
A. All of them
B. About 2,500
C. About half
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER: B. Only 446 names of those who allegedly were real people that really perished are present in the and only 249 have a confirmed death certificate on file, according to the generous research of Ersun Warncke at Salem-News online. Private searches in the public have netted even fewer.
4. Officially, when did U.S.STRATCOM become the active command center for United States’ air, space and cyber warfare across the globe?
A. September 11, 2001
B. September 11, 1976
C. September 11, 1947
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER: A. September 11, 2001. Though the 18th of September, 1947 is the official day, month and year that Truman activated the CIA, the National Security Council, the Department of Defense, Air Force and the goal of having COCOM bases around the globe, it was a week short of 54 years later that the second major COCOM base would be birthed under the pretext of a false flag terrorist event. This is also the place where Bush was ostensibly taken to conduct 9/11 after leaving the Florida school (if he was even there), according to an article in the punky resistance magazine “Z”.
5. The third and simultaneous twin birth of *what* COCOM base accompanied the birth of U.S.STRATCOM on 9/11?
A. NORTHCOM in Denver, Colorado
B. AFRICOM in Stuttgart, Germany
C. CANCOM in Buffalo, New York
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER: A. NORTHCOM was synched up with U.S.STRATCOM during 9/11, and seems to have been at least virtually active in New York if we can assume anything from NORAD’s importance in the sim, also located in Denver and presumably connected to the DoD.
6. When, where and for what purpose was the *first* COCOM base initiated, according to my research about Truman’s 1947 National Security Act?
A. September 1947 in the Panama Canal Zone, to expand the American Empire
B. September 1973 in Chile, to overthrow the populist Allende government
C. September 1997 in Miami to manage drug wars to destabilize Central and South America
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER: C. or D. Since September 26th, 1997, SOUTHCOM has existed in Miami. I allege that its official activiation date was this time, though further research has revealed a sinister history to the base since the 1947 NSA act. In the Historical Development article on SeptemberClues.info, I discuss the Clinton-era 1997 date as crucial to the 9/11 plot where the COCOM bases would be thrust into the military spotlight and/or public blind spot.
7. How many sections were in the Patriot Act when it was signed into law by George W. Bush 47 days after the events of 9/11?
A. 911
B. 1016
C. 1907
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER NOTES: B. 1016. Ostensibly, the answer is over 1000, meaning in a matter of a few weeks, one of the most comprehensively, systematic draconian bodies of law was signed into existence immediately after a distracting event that gave these odious COCOM bases more overt presence in all our daily lives. Compared to the several years it took for the 1947 NSA act to come into existence, this turn-around feels oddly pre-planned.
To read the entire bizarre act, including passages about limiting compensation to victims of terrorism (presumably so the military could give only symbolic levels of money to make the fake victims seem more real, & justify their wall of tears while actually pocketing more for the COCOM authority), visit the link provided in the show notes or just search it. Here is one:  epic.org/privacy/terrorism/hr3…
8. What semi-fictional organization strongly controlled by the CIA dipped its activities and officers into DARPA’s department which created and monitors the Internet, U.S. SOUTHCOM, GEOINT global simulation, The Air Force, the U.S. Department of Defense at large, the UK’s Ministry of Defense, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the U.S. Public Interest Declassification Board?
A. RAND corporation
B. MITRE corporation
C. The Council on Foreign Relations
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER: B. MITRE. The 1996 board of directors, who released an internal report depicting an at the top of a tall vertically striped rectangle in perspective, included power brokers with the mission or pre-existing position to manipulate these most powerful of military groups in the Anglo-American empire, which henceforth we should probably admit is La-La Land.
Question 8-B (I accidentally made two 8’s, so this is the second one.)
Which *Central American nation* is the disappearing-reappearing World Trade Center-based company CINDE focused on business deals with? (Sorry for awkward English)
A. Costa Rica
B. Guatemala
C. Nicaragua
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER: A. Costa Rica, which borders Panama, and could likely be part of a U.S. effort to claim further control of the continental-scaleisthmus of the entirety of Central America, up to Mexico.
9. How many airplanes that supposedly crashed on 9/11 actually took off, according to the existence of passenger airplane flight manifests?
A. Five
B. Two
C. Zero
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER: C. Zero. Despite the highly illegal nature of taking off without manifests, and despite the official story that everything seemed normal up and to the moments the planes were allegedly hijacked, there is no flight manifest for any of the supposed planes, and hence no official list of passengers nor amount of jet fuel. Since all videos of the airplanes are fabricated, and all the inside, including the so-called terrorists, are photoshopped backstopped non-persons with absolutely no proven history of having ever lived, it is likely the planes and all of the alleged passengers never existed in the first place. With the possible exception of some actors playing fictional people within key positions, such as alleged NBC employee David Angell with two Ls.
For the gibberish result of Hoi’s FOIA request for flight manifest clues selected from specific files collected by NARA, see the thread at CluesForum.info: cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?…
10. What was the name of the first known automatic missile defense system — whose modern equivalent would actually blast any *real* terrorist threat out of the sky within minutes — and which was proposed in 1958?
A. Project Whirlwind at Lincoln Laboratories in MIT.
B. SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) at MIT.
C. STOW (Synthetic Theater of War) at the Pentagon.
D. The premise of the question is false
ANSWER: B. SAGE! Project Whirlwind, which was designed by DARPA from the outset to include the ability to create computer-to-computer communications, was the first publically known digital computer. It was shortly thereafter proposed that an automatic missile system is hooked up to Whirlwind and the project is absorbed into SAGE, a sort of cybernetic pseudo-psychic weapon system. SAGE necessitated a simulated combat situation with simulated enemies, and which has since evolved into what the military sometimes calls STOW or the Synthetic Theater of War. An aspect of the military we are all facing when we look at the over-blinking computer-generated glass eyeballs of Edward “I’m a Sim” Snowden.
INCOMPLETE MULTIPLE CHOICE. This question can be answered by all contestants. So if you think of any answer at all, go for it. When choosing from the following answers, you must finish the answer with extra information.
11. What is the critical word that silences the oppressed subjects of a certain nation, when people ask too many questions about how their government works? To finish the answer, you must name the country.
A. “Nuclear”
B. “Terror”
C. “L’Omerta”
D. “Holocaust”
E. “Conspiracy”
F. The premise of the question is false
CORRECT ANSWERS: A. B. C. D. or E. (or F.)
BONUS points for naming every country belonging to each phrase.
Example A answers: France, Germany, Republic of Korea, Democratic Korean Republic, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, The Netherlands, , China, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, United States, Canada, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Denmark, Norway, Egypt, Russia, Morocco, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Portugal, Spain, Cambodia, Thailand, Viet Nam, Tibet, Bhuttan, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum
Example B answers: any “western” countries (?)
Example C answers: Sicily, Italy
Example D answers: similar to A or B.
Example E answers: similar to A or B.
Everyone finished with about 4 points + a bunch from the magic question. So everyone gets a PDF depicting cats, because cats seem alright. Unfortunately, this created a problem for dog people. Fortunately (or not, depending on how you look at it), I am allergic to both and don’t have to choose.
NEXT TIME: Moon Quiz!


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4 thoughts on “ep122-Hoi Polloi and Cluesquiz #1

  1. Carole Thomas

    The mixture of solid information, factual discussion and banter among the hosts and guests made this show particularly enjoyable and entertaining. Please more of the same!

    One tip- maybe Ab could say each question twice and repeat the question after he has listed the possible answers. It was hard to remember the question by the time he had gone through all the answer options.

    Here’s a little quiz question I came up with myself- no prizes for guessing the correct answer!

    Before Fakeologist ( otherwise known as AB) started the current version, this blog was known as:

    a) AB ABSURDO (from the absurd) Said of an argument that seeks to prove a statement’s validity by pointing out the absurdity of an opponent’s position (cf. appeal to ridicule) or that an assertion is false because of its absurdity. Not to be confused with a reductio ad absurdum, which is usually a valid logical argument.

    b) AB ABUSO (an inference from an abuse to a use is not valid) Rights abused are still rights (cf. abusus non tollit usum).

    c) AB OVO USQUE AD MALA (from the egg to the apples) Means “from beginning to end”, based on the Roman main meal typically beginning with an egg dish and ending with fruit (cf. the English phrase soup to nuts). Thus, ab ovo means “from the beginning”, and can also connote thoroughness.

    d) ABBA ( Aramaic word meaning Father) A Swedish pop group in the late seventies, early eighties)

    e) AB IRATO (from anger) A Latin phrase, which signifies “by a man in anger”.By a person who is angry.

    There is only one correct answer but on reading through the definitions, I think all or any could apply:-)

  2. Hoi Polloi

    Yup, good catch. But the difference is we tell you it’s rigged! And we’ll even explain how at the end of the show! Or possibly right away if we want to suck all the fun out of the pretend time completely. 😀

    In fact, I was thinking another good name for this kind of show style would be to call it “Fake Quiz #1” just to emphasize: this isn’t a quiz, it’s just Ab and I “framing the conversation” mocking the quiz format, which — as you said elegantly — is not really what TV and radio game shows purport to be a lot of the time.

    I can tell you this, though, we do intend to use the “game” largely to make fun of the oppressive military media, as usual!

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