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Psyoptishea feud

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This message is for @Psyopticon and @PShea.

Here’s the short version if you don’t want to read further:

STOP with the feud or you’ll both be banned from Fakeologist.com

Now for the long version:

Fakeologist.com isn’t just a place to discuss fakery. It’s become a community. That’s not by design, but by happenstance. I enjoy all the entities for the most part that have come by to chat, textually or verbally. I don’t agree with everyone about everything, but I allow for enough variance to not be totally discriminating and then eliminating.

Sometimes we have people who come by here honestly, and sometimes dishonestly. I don’t have time to filter everyone out as quickly as I’d like, but I make an effort to keep things somewhat focused. Sometimes the action can get away from me.

Adding the audiochats has created an extra, challenging dimension. The sheer volume of minutes can be daunting to edit, let alone listen to. The onus is on all the preapproved participants to act with respect towards each other and the audience.

The latest dustup between @psyopticon and @pshea has now escalated into a full distraction. It has caused an general unease that is not welcome here. Since I value the majority of the members here, I request the following:

@Pshea – no more discussion on the name fraud. We get it. Just like I don’t want to hear about the fake jumpers of 9/11 any more, I don’t need more discussion on this obtuse topic that does not resonate. No more musing more than once about shills among us. Most understand the concept of infiltration of groups by cointelpro. As a collective, shills will eventually reveal themselves and be shunned (and banned). I don’t mind your philosophical tones, but your often baseless musings of shillery are destructive in a passive way.

@Psyopticon – no more lashing out in a sneering, condescending tone. Your cluster-bomb approach to other fakeologist members is destructive and unwelcome. Your previous demeanor of careful research was most welcome before the conflict occurred. Please resume this if you wish to remain. I agree that more focus should be put on researching media fakery, and less emphasis on more esoteric topics. Since this site implies my own personal bias towards 9/11 and media fakery, I’d prefer if topics related to them were emphasized.

We now resume our regular fakeologist programming.

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OBF has gone to the 9/11 birds

likes this

OBF discusses the 9/11 flock of birds video.

Many 9/11 researchers remain completely in the dark regarding this very important , simple principle which “should” be applied when reviewing ALL alleged 9/11 alleged “evidence” [at least by any serious, honest researcher].

via Fake 9/11 Bird Flocks = “False In One False In All”.

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Audiochat – Aug 17-18/2014

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Who? Ab, Delcroix, Shea, Videre, Ban, Dusty Ash

What? Ferguson shooting and riots


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