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5 or 6 knives and a note

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If this story is real, I’m empathetic to Canada’s “royalty” PM-in-waiting.

If it’s a staged event, I’m once more disgusted that this is the tactic our official opposition leader’s handlers or psyopticians are using to get him 24 hour RCMP protection, which apparently he doesn’t have. Considering this residence is down the street from 24 Sussex, the PM’s official residence, which is under 24 hour RCMP watch, I doubt anyone is wandering around with knives anywhere near this area.

A note left in Justin Trudeau’s Ottawa home during a break-in Saturday morning was placed on top of an arrangement of large knives, according to a source close to the Liberal Party leader.

Five or six large butcher knives were laid out inside the home, some on the floor, the source told the Star.

The note, which Trudeau called “threatening,” rested on the knives.

via Knives left in Justin Trudeau’s home during break-in: source | Toronto Star.

This story is interesting, when it’s juxtaposed beside this story stating that our province’s police costs are out of control, and apparently untouchable (even though RCMP is federally funded – but there is only one taxpayer).

In 2011, police in Toronto reached a four-year agreement that gave them a cumulative 11.5-per-cent salary increase. Toronto Police Service’s budget is roughly $1 billion — more than 10 per cent of the city’s $9.6-billion budget for 2014.

“We need to rein in policing costs. Ontario has the highest policing costs in Canada,” Powers said.

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Six six six fraud

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Eternal mystery, coincidence, or map fraud? My guess is the map was drawn to fit their numerology. That said, is the world map off by just enough to match their 666 or it it way off so we really don’t have a clue what we’re living on, a ball, a cube, a doughnut.

The only thing it seems we know for sure if the ground we’re standing on – and that feels shaky at times.

On the flipside, Urban Asplund discovered that Africa is 66.6° wide from its westernmost point in Dakar to the easternmost projection of Somalia. Africa is also 66.6° high from its southernmost point to the place where the line running due north hits the Mediterranean, near Benghazi.

via Secrets In Plain Sight.

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Who? Ab
What? Audiochat use


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The last hoaxbusters?

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Chris ponders ending his call in show, and towards the end talks about 9/11 and fakeologist.com.

Chris, consider audiochat.fakeologist.com. Many here would welcome your insight and enjoy conversing with you on our informal basis.


* Show Notes: recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-903…

* Podcast Feed: Hoax Busters (recordings.talkshoe.com/rss903…)

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F*ck you Mr. President

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The ultimate oxymoron: a humanitarian bomb that kills humans and leaves buildings standing.confused The inverse of this is that in most major bombings (lately, anyway) I think they clear out the humans to destroy the buildings.

After the Manhattan Project, Cohen went to work for the RAND Corporation, where he developed his bomb.

He said the inspiration for the neutron bomb was a 1951 visit to Seoul, which had been largely destroyed in the Korean War. In his memoir, he wrote: “If we are going to go on fighting these damned fool wars in the future, shelling and bombing cities to smithereens and wrecking the lives of their inhabitants, might there be some kind of nuclear weapon that could avoid all this?”


Is this man real, or a sim? Either way, interesting the connections with the Lawrence Livermore labs (smj mentioned this too)

Some critics worried that the neutron bomb’s limited damage could make nuclear strikes acceptable and even routine, while others faulted its emphasis on preserving structures. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev called the neutron bomb the ultimate capitalist weapon, built “to kill a man in such a way that his suit will not be stained with blood, in order to appropriate the suit.” Cohen, however, never stopped seeing his weapon as good for humanity, rather than evil. “The neutron bomb has to be the most moral weapon ever invented,” Mr. Cohen wrote in his 1983 autobiography, “Shame: Confessions of the Father of the Neutron Bomb.” (After the U.S. dismantled its neutron bombs, he retitled the book,
“F*** You! Mr. President.”)


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Droning on about the I$$

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All HALE the space station! Simon speculates what it could be:

I have been giving this question some more thought lately. I know, the following may slightly contradict some of my earlier ISS musings here, but I’m sure you will appreciate that this isn’t an easy issue to wrap one’s head around. For the sake of (reasoned / no-nonsense / reality-checked) discussion, let me just postulate that the “I$$” is perhaps nothing but a solar-powered drone, somewhat similar to this “SOLAR EAGLE 650” – which DARPA claims to be “under development”. Of course, this would mean that it travels at far, far lower speeds and altitudes (than the 28.000 km/h – and 400 km of altitude) claimed for the ISS – and at CONSTANTLY DIVERSE / FLUCTUATING altitudes and paths. In order to support this contention, I will submit a few simple calculations based on my own observations of the

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alleged “International Space Station” – as it passes above my house in Frascati, on the outskirts of Rome (I have now been able to witness more than a dozen, cloudless fly-overs in the last year or so, having subscribed to NASA’s “Spot the Station e-mail alert service”).

via View topic – Fakery in Orbit: THE I$$ • Cluesforum.info.

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