5 or 6 knives and a note

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If this story is real, I’m empathetic to Canada’s 0;royalty” PM-in-waiting.

If it’s a staged event, I’m once more disgusted that this is the tactic our official opposition leader’s handlers or psyopticians are using to get him 24 hour RCMP protection, which apparently he doesn’t have. Considering this residence is down the street from 24 Sussex, the PM’s official residence, which is under 24 hour RCMP watch, I doubt anyone is wandering around with knives anywhere near this area.

A note left in Justin Trudeau’s Ottawa home during a break-in Saturday morning was placed on top of an arrangement of large knives, according to a source close to the Liberal Party leader.

Five or six large butcher knives were laid out inside the home, some on the floor, the source told the Star.

The note, which Trudeau called “threatening,” rested on the knives.

via Knives left in Justin Trudeau’s home during break-in: source | Toronto Star.

This story is interesting, when it’s juxtaposed beside this story stating that our province’s police costs are out of control, and apparently untouchable (even though RCMP is federally funded – but there is only one taxpayer).

In 2011, police in Toronto reached a four-year agreement that gave them a cumulative 11.5-per-cent salary increase. Toronto Police Service’s budget is roughly $1 billion — more than 10 per cent of the city’s $9.6-billion budget for 2014.

“We need to rein in policing costs. Ontario has the highest policing costs in Canada,” Powers said.

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