The last hoaxbusters?

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Chris ponders ending his call in show, and towards the end talks about and

Chris, consider Many here would welcome your insight and enjoy conversing with you on our informal basis.…

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2 thoughts on “The last hoaxbusters?

  1. jimbo

    Chris, how can you say no to that. Hair messed up while engaging you in that convertible? You are in for one wild ride my friend. Hang on tight man, and have fun! Cheers.

  2. khammad

    I agree Ab.

    I wish Chris would consider visiting the Audiochat. I have always loved listening to his show. He has the ability to take a thought, and toss it up and down for a bit. If he likes what the thought is doing, then he rolls it onto the floor and walks it around the room. If Chris really gets going, then he takes the thought outside for a spin in his convertible, top down, and gets onto the highway.

    Let me get into that convertible with you Chris. I want to get my hair messed up while while engaging you in conversation in that convertible with the top down going 90 fekkin miles per hour!!!

    I listened to you at the beginning of my fakery journey and KNOW that what you have to offer as a thinker would be welcome here.

    Ab’s site is about fakery, but also about pondering. Ab has given us the luxury of expanding our thoughts and taking facts from a hoax to the next level. This is one area in which you excel.

    I look forward to chatting with you.


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