Foxed out?

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Well, it’s important to examine everything that has to do with actors and causes — so why not the great 0;Canadian” Michael Fox? Lux speculates:

This video maker thinks he doesn’t and my suspicions are high. My late brother had the disease and I have a friend who has it. Their symptoms do not at all resemble those displayed by MJF. In fact his rolling eyes and swaying seem downright fake to me. And, where are the telltale tremors?

The touch-the-nose bit @ 4:00 is especially damning here.

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As a past right winger (still conservative views), I LOVED Family Ties’ Michael J. Fox character.

Another famous 0;foxed out”

17 hours ago

I think MJF has Pinocchio’s Disease.

Letterman entire interview

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[…] am convinced that Michael J. Fox is faking it. Why not Mr. (I) Wonder? This opens up a whole can of celebutard […]

Shady Pica
Shady Pica(@shady-pica)
7 years ago

The finger on the nose was a gotcha moment in my eyes. Also, the fact he was playing ice hockey? C’mon man. My pediatrician has Parkinson’s and moves very slowly and his speech is indeed monotone as described in the below symptoms – he’s had for more than 7 years I believe. Maybe he will be the poster boy for some miracle drug or vaccine that will be revealed to the public in future? From the Mayo Clinic: Parkinson’s disease symptoms and signs may vary from person to person. Early signs may be mild and may go unnoticed. Symptoms often… Read more »

7 years ago

I heard MJF say in the interview with Letterman they raised $450 million. Michael’s cut is say 50 million. Not too bad for an actor like mike. People will do crazy things for much less. Michael was first interviewed with Diane Sawyer, who like to dress in black. She has a way of always appearing in psyops that we know are actual fake events.
MJF may believe he is simply helping real PD sufferes who need funding to find a cure instead of a total con job.

7 years ago

So, as I see it, a guy with a waning career teams up with a ‘charity’ fund to popularize a lesser known disease and garner contributions for ‘research.’ Don’t know if there’s a connection but Robin Williams purportedly had Parkinsons before he exited stage left.