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I’ll bite

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Ah, the positive side of researching the media and fake/planted stories used for propaganda, PR, or promotional purposes. Are we sure her name isn’t Dimwitz?

My review of this otherwise unheard of show in the coming week.

via ‘Dating Naked’ contestant sues over uncensored crotch shot | TV | Entertainment.

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W- Past Actor-in-Chief

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Bush Ten Years Ago – And Now!:

When I bought into the left/right paradigm,  I always thought Shrub was smarter than he put on.

This video purports that the only explanation to his loss of coherence is dementia. As a fakeologist, the only thing I see is acting – and W was good at it.

He sure had me fooled.

H/T The Chris and Markus show (how long before Chris jumps behind the wall?)

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