ALS Ice Bucket Challenge joins famous 27 club

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Actually, I know nothing about this challenge – other than it has gone viral (interesting word to stoke fear) and become this month’s propaganda. It actually is a simple and brilliant campaign. What a coincidence I was just noting the big money raised by (the faking) Michael J. Fox for Parkinson’s. I even asked some marketing people I know if they knew who started this whole great idea. How convenient the answer is here, and now gone, so quickly. Funny how these coincidences pop up all the time around the biggest media events.  Other than divisions of the military, who else has the budgets and levers of media power to stoke these events?

Corey Griffin, 27, had helped the campaign become an internet sensation after watching his friend Peter Frates struggle with motor neurone disease.

On Friday night, Mr Griffin had called his father to share his joy over the astonishing amount raised by the social media campaign.

But, tragically, just hours later on Saturday, Mr Griffin died after diving into the ocean from a building on Straight Wharf in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

via Man behind ALS Ice Bucket Challenge dies after drowning aged 27 | World | News | Daily Express.

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Another case where a media event creator was removed from the media stage:

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  1. or e bil

    (hahaha) These punning hoaxsters love their water related jokes. Take Watergate for instance. “Deep Throat” — the Edward Snowden “whistleblower” of his day and named by an editor of the Washington Post after a controversial porn movie that came out earlier that year.

    This article asks — Why did Deep Throat Leak? (no need to read… included only for chuckles.)…


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