Audiochat Aug26-27/14

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  1. smj

    arthur eddington was the clever fella that figured out the sun is a fusion reactor. he had good timing, especially when you take into consideration he played the role of einstein’s bulldog for the mass-energy equivalence hustle:

    “It was fortunate that just prior to Eddington’s address
    his Cambridge University colleague Francis Aston had
    measured the masses of hydrogen and helium to be
    1.008 and 4, respectively. Eddington argued that the
    Sun is being powered by converting hydrogen to helium
    – by combining four hydrogen nuclei (protons) with
    two electrons and releasing energy in the process. The
    exact details were wrong of course – the process is more
    complicated and involves deuterium, positrons and
    neutrinos, for example – but the basic idea was correct:
    the Sun is indeed converting hydrogen to helium”

    As he told his audience in
    Cardiff, “we sometimes dream that man will one day
    learn how to release it and use it for his service”…

    this prescientist also figured out that there are a shit-ton of protons in the “observable universe”. i’m sure a nasa satellite will one day verify his genius.……


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