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Update 8/28/14

Psyopti-gone: While I’m not convinced at all of the voice morphing allegation, I’ll defer to those with more experience than I with shills and disable psyopticon’s account here. The clues experience plus the disruption of fakeologists that I respect leads me to this decision.

* * *

Simon deconstructs the ISS deception – and the entity Psyopticon pulls out another strawman from his bag.

EE’s claim that 0;the media reported this as unusual” is obviously utter bullcrap – and a bare-faced silly lie. The rest of EE’s post is more of the same – and I do not believe a single word of it. I am well and truly done with the Evil Edna character (aka the dreaded “Psyopticon” over at He can go and shave his legs in the bathtub while delusively singing Nessun Dorma. That will hopefully keep him off the keyboard for a while. He may then resume his clammy trolling antics over at Godlike Productions – a more suitable place for the garrulous clown.

via View topic – Fakery in Orbit: THE I$$ •

This is the second strawman argument that Simon has noticed from Dr. Evil.….

I think I will reinstate Evil Edna for the time being – and put him back to work… Of course, Lux and Hoi did well to question EE and his shaky imagery analyses – it would appear that he couldn’t (intentionally or not) see the forest for the trees. <_< However, I will give EE credit for pointing out the ‘subliminal’ relevance of that distant mosque dome, an unlikely ‘coincidence’ indeed. And I guess it’s just another koincidink that two worried ‘muslim-looking’ faces appear in the backdrop of this most-frequently-seen interview of a now familiar Clutha ‘eyewitness’…

The plot thickens……

A straw man is a common type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on the misrepresentation of an opponent’s argument.[1] To be successful, a straw man argument requires that the audience be ignorant or uninformed of the original argument.

The so-called typical 0;attacking a straw man” argument creates the illusion of having completely refuted or defeated an opponent’s proposition by covertly replacing it with a different proposition (i.e., “stand up a straw man”) and then to refute or defeat that false argument (“knock down a straw man”) instead of the original proposition.[2][3]

This technique has been used throughout history in polemical debate, particularly in arguments about highly charged emotional issues where a fiery, entertaining 0;battle” and the defeat of an “enemy” may be more valued than critical thinking or understanding both sides of the issue.

In the United Kingdom the argument is also known as an Aunt Sally, after the pub game of the same name where patrons throw sticks or battens at a model of an old woman’s head.[4][5]

Studying is like learning a new language – and I admit I AM learning. Please be patient.

Psyopticon can react while he still has a voice here. The audience is listening.


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9 thoughts on “Psyopti-con – ISS Shill

  1. khammad

    Guide to the Psyopticon Shillery Event

    1) Audiochat Aug 12-13/2014 ½
    8/12/14 This is the original audio where Psyopticon’s voice allegedly changes
    2.28.40 “Say guys, hh hi there Unreal and Rollo and uh Ab, how’s things? I uh era ok , I’m looking at yer sss excuse me for my ignorance Unreal, Im looking at you’re um your flag >>>>>>>>>> you know your national flag on your um name you’re your name >>>>>>>>>> what is that, like blue white red, blue white rr orange”
    (Between the arrows is where the alleged voice morphing takes place)…

    2) Audiochat Aug16-17/2014 – ep 122 Afterparty
    8/17/14 This is the audio where Peter Shea confronts Psyopticon for his voice morphing
    Starts at 3:51:25…

    3) Examining Shill Tactics

    8/20/14 This is the video Khammad did highlighting the voice morphing

  2. FauxCapitalist

    Good for banning him, Ab. To me, it was obvious his voice was morphed, because the accent suddenly changed, and stayed the same all the way throughout, with no problems on any of his other recent appearances, *but*, I probably wouldn’t have thought much about it without someone else pointing it out first, unless I had been intently listening to every word of that long audio archive.

  3. ab Post author

    The jury is still out, but we must take in all the evidence:

    2. aggregate, whole, entirety, all, total, sum, sum total We must take into consideration the totality of the evidence.

      1. Jim Hollander

        Did you talk to EE on air about this? Not much on the forum and I probably won’t have time to read all the chat. I would like to see how he reacts.


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