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On beheadings

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If you aren’t a vegetarian now, you may be after watching this video. Be warned.

What’s the point? Beheadings, as in the James Foley story, are dirty, nasty, bloody affairs,  especially with a small knife. The media we were given as proof looks nothing like it should have.

Their media therefore distracts from this critical point by dwelling on the emotional side of the story,  ignoring the obvious fakery side.

Now let me get back to my salad.


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All you morphers

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Chris and Markus yak about the site that Markus doesn’t “follow”, fakeologist.com. He also mentions that Episode 115 is full of voice morphers bashing him. He claims this can never happen naturally, and that this must be HB Gary, audio edition. He even demonstrates some inaudible voice morphing software.

As for street lights that turn on and off when you come near them – yes, I’ve seen – and I’ve seen them do it when I’m far away. What do I do about it? I call the city and they come and replace the bulb, and voila, no more on and off! To call this a conspiracy is pure LALA land.

Didn’t someone warn us about being spun into LALA land?

Yes, Chris, KHammad did invite you to audiochat.fakeologist.com. Many of your fans are here and would like to chat with you informally.



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Audiochat – Aug 27-28_2014

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Who? Ab, Rubulisk, Videre, KHammad, Tom Dalpra (finally!)

What? Psyopti-gone, shillery, Ab’s slow reaction to banning shills, Rubulisk’s 9/11 experience


Always looking for new voices…welcome Rubulisk, who has a very interesting background in history. Very refreshing chats with someone who is well versed in history. Like to hear Rubulisk with Jan Erik!


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Truth mistake

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They must find it hard to take Truth for authority who have so long mistaken Authority for Truth

via Gerald Massey – Wikiquote.

Appeal to Authority:



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