Audiochat – Aug 27-28_2014

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Who? Ab, Rubulisk, Videre, KHammad, Tom Dalpra (finally!)

What? Psyopti-gone, shillery, Ab’s slow reaction to banning shills, Rubulisk’s experience


Always looking for new voices…welcome Rubulisk, who has a very interesting background in history. Very refreshing chats with someone who is well versed in history. Like to hear Rubulisk with Jan Erik!


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6 thoughts on “Audiochat – Aug 27-28_2014

  1. columjaddica

    On shills and group size. I do most of my discussion and research with another group that consists of 5 people. Any time we try to expand beyond 5 or so people, there begin to be problems (some definitely shills, others maybe just disturbed people, it can be hard to tell). Among 5 or so, people seem to be able to show respect for each other and can say anything, when it grows much larger some divides always seem to show up…

  2. FauxCapitalist

    Ever since Pysopticon has been outed as a voice morpher, it’s interesting to look back at his past appearances. From this early test call, 1m in, he says his background is in telecommunications engineering. Yet he actually claimed with a straight face after being called out that he doesn’t even know what voice morphing is.…

    It’s like former Worldcom CEO Bernie Ebbers claiming he had no idea about all the fraud he was alleged to have been involved in, saying he didn’t pay attention, but being contradicted by various close associates who had testified as to what a control freak he had been all his working life.

    You’re right, Ab, that in enough time, people eventually expose themselves.

    1. ab Post author

      Good catch. I rely on the fine experts here as I am in no way an expert at psyops. I am a perpetual student who only wants to assemble the finest minds who enjoy deception decoding. So far I have been pleased with the majority here. Hat tip to you all!

  3. FauxCapitalist

    I think one of the aims of the major Psy-ops like 9/11, and smaller but important ones like the Boston Marathon bombings, is to divide the public into those who recognize these events as being psy-ops, and those who don’t.

    Whether Psyopticon’s audio issue was intentional or not, it has resulted in a split among Fakeologists here, as to whether his voice was morphed or not, which I think is a cunning aspect of some of the major psy-ops, in even splitting those who are attuned to such fakery, as ultimately instilling a frustrating aspect of the human condition that the master psy-op planners are all very well aware of, that, ultimately, fakery is subjective, and some who see most things as obviously fake can have big blind spots with others.

    A big example of this is those who saw the Boston Marathon bombings as an obvious fraud but found nothing suspicious about any of the supposed family members of the Sandy Hook shootings, in only questioning the government accounts but not whether the family members were crisis actors or not — this despite blatant examples such as Robbie Parker, where the implausible retort was given by one prominent alternative media researcher that not everyone acts the same way in the face of grief.

    1. columjaddica

      I enjoyed this audio a lot.

      I’ve wondered if they are making a new divide for propaganda purposes, or just testing limits and pushback, or just stirring the pot to make chaos that can be played on. You can find explanations that blame the occult, new age, all kinds of things. I still don’t know but I’m becoming less bothered by it. For some reason Sandy Hook was really obvious to me but most people I know don’t know anything about it, and don’t want to.

      I wish I could pick the brain of an upper level military propagandist over a beer. They get to hear all of our thought processes in great detail on the internet. We just get to guess as to their motivations. Or fish out truths occasionally and try to make them all hang together, all the while dealing with people whos jobs are only to derail that effort.


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